I’m an ENFP (that’s Myers-Briggs talk) and basically that means I’m messy. Yep, by nature I’m one of those creative, messy people that has a desk filled with papers and other junk without a hint of filing.

These days I’m tidy to the point of obsession but this is something I taught myself while working as a senior manager leading a team of middle-managers. I found I had to quickly change my work style (mainly in the area of filing) as anyone with a “J” instead of a “P” in the Myers-Briggs personality sentence finds the messy approach frustratingly impossible.

I’m so good at being tidy now I actually can’t write until everything is in order, but whenever I get stressed, I revert straight back to messy (not much writing gets done then either). You never really change your preferences, I’m a real ENFP as I’ve done the Myers-Briggs instrument/test 3 times over a period of 25 years and it never changes.

Don’t be fooled by the neatness and order of my desktop photos, deep down I’m a messy little soul.

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3 responses to “ENFP = Messy”

  1. findingherselfn Avatar

    Relatable because i’m an ENFPs too , i try reminding myself ”tidy up.”

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar
      Melinda J. Irvine

      haha I love meeting other ENFPs. thanks for stopping by.