A Box of Marbled Paper

some marbled paper hanging to dry

My mother is a talented artist and has experimented in many different mediums over the years. One of my favourites is paper and only yesterday I was thumbing through some paper marbling she did for me last year.

At the time I was home in Australia selling the remains of my Australian life, and she made me the cards to sell at market stalls. My initial idea was to use them to handwrite original poems and affirmations but truthfully my handwriting is terrible so I put them in the ‘I can’t do that box!’. They came with me back to the Philippines and have sat in that same box hidden from sight but never far from my consciousness. 

I was quite excited when I read today’s daily prompt. Paper! I knew immediately I would bring them to the surface and restore some energy to their presence. Even more than before, I feel compelled to find a solid purpose for my mother’s lovely designs because she gave to me specifically for my fundraising and adoption of Jerry.

I’m going to leave them out on the desk where will I see them every day and find some sort of creative purpose that I have not yet thought of. Most importantly I can burn the ‘I can’t do that box!’ (or at least recycle it).

© 2017 Melinda J. Irvine