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Little Family of Strays

Yesterday on our afternoon walk, I swore I heard some lost kittens calling each other. To be honest it’s actually hard not to find or hear lost kittens on afternoon walks, there are so many street dogs and cats roaming around in this place. I stopped walking and asked Jerry to stand, be still and listen. I couldn’t quite work out where the sound began but the little voice was like a magnet pulling me across the road onto a vacant lot.

I eventually found the little cat, appearing suddenly from inside the long grass and his tiny frame  was quickly snatched up by Jerry (almost immediately I was begged permission for a pet). Cat was placed inside an empty backpack I had been carrying to bring home groceries, and he sat there crying with his tiny head poking through the open zip.

cat in a bowl

Cat’s brother or sister, even tinier than the one being held captive in my backpack came running from the entrance of a bamboo shack near by (confirming cat was definitely a magnet). A group of interested school girls suggested I take both animals.

Let me tell you about one cat who was shaking and crying so badly I took him out of the backpack and Jerry carried him home wrapped in his tshirt. He has big blue eyes that seem totally out of proportion to his scrawny head and his ears seem so enormous they pull his head into a type of narrow triangle. His belly is all puffed up (but I’m sure there is no food inside) while the rest of his crooked body (his too short tail has a kink in it) doesn’t seem to stand at a proper angle. And above all  he’s a magnet because even though he cried and cried and cried and poo’d and wee’d and poo’d he’s now part of our funny little family.

A little family of strays: Jerry, cat and me.


About 10 minutes after getting home …

[Jerry] Tita Meeeelllll …

[Tita Mel] yes Jerry

[Jerry] Are there cats in Australia?

[Tita Mel] yes Jerry

[Jerry, very earnestly] Cat, you will come to live in Australia with Tita Mel and me!”

© 2017 Melinda J. Irvine

kitten with a toy bird


  1. That’s one of the sweetest and most pure stories i have read today. It makes my heart swell with joy that there are people like this out there in the vsat world. Cat sure has a wonderful family now.

    1. Thanks for reading our little story, 3 days later cat is a real part of our family and we both love ‘her’ dearly. Found out afterwards our cat is a little girl. No name yet. Mel.

  2. Oh, how adorable! Having just taken in a stray myself (to go with my other 5 cats haha), make sure the puffy belly isn’t a belly full of worms. He might need deworming. Just a warming because I didn’t catch the problem for two months and then had to steamclean the carpet and cat tree so my other cats don’t get the worms.

    1. Thanks Luanne for stopping by. I’m certain our new little cat will need de-worming and we probably do too! His belly has gone down after pooing out pure grass, poor little thing but he’s eating well now. 5 cats! Oh my! Thanks also for following my blog, I’ll be sure and check our yours too. All our love. Mel.

      1. Oh gosh, now I’ worried that I need deworming after spending so much time with our stray Perry. He makes #6, and I can’t see letting him leave here unless my cats won’t tolerate him. I am hopeful because he is pretty mild-mannered. Nice talking to you, Mel! xo

      2. you too Luanne, wow! 6! is so many! we only live in one room so one is more than enough. on Friday we will ride on the bus to the city (4 hours each way) and i’ll be able to buy pet supplies and worm medicine. m.

      3. That is so true about space. We are currently living in a lot of square feet, and I feel guilty if I don’t take in one more (and then one more haha) because of the room. But if we move somewhere smaller, it won’t feel quite the same! Although they do tend to gather in the same room . . . . my daughter lives in one small room in the city and would love a second cat, but one is all she has room for. Good luck with the deworming :). You really do live out in the country!

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