You’re Not Dying Here

My father had a heart attack yesterday.

Mum got him to hospital and he’s seems ok at the moment, more tests tomorrow. He’s 82 and we thought in excellent health. Life can be surprising.

One thing however that is not surprising is mum and dad’s innate ability to fight during even the tightest moments. Here is a brief replay of yesterday.

DAD: I’m no feeling good, I’m not feeling good.
MUM: Well what’s wrong? Should I call an ambulance?
DAD: [gets angry] You’re not calling an ambulance, just leave me here to die.
MUM: [gets angry] You’re not dying here, if you’re going to die you can do it in the hospital. There’s too much paperwork if you die in the house.

I called them both this morning. Mum at home, Dad in the hospital. They’re doing ok and one is equally worried about the other one. They’ve been married 51 years and have never handled stressful situations particularly well. Having a heart attack it seems is no exception.

There’s a photo of dad (below) riding his motorbike about 4 years ago and I hope he is still riding it for many more years to come.

Mum really didn’t want dad to buy a new motor bike in his late 70s, but that’s another arugment.


    1. Thanks so much Rowena, I think he’s going to be fine and was in very good spirits when I called him this morning.

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