Starting the Day Right

on a FB call talking business and friendship

The best way to start my day as a copywriter is with a wonderful FB video call to help old friends.

This morning I had the chance to reconnect with two girls I grew up with and spent my school years with (from primary school right through to high school). Even though we’ve been Facebook ‘friends’ for a few years, until today we haven’t actually spoken or seen each other for almost 30 years.

After school we all went in different directions and I spent many years working so many different jobs (often three or more at the same time) I lost contact with a lot of people. Friendships are difficult to maintain if you are working 60+ hours every week and move all the time.

In years gone by I’ve spent more than a few hours lamenting my life choices but now (with 50 fast approaching) I’m feeling (finally) at peace with those choices. Because now the diverse social and professional experiences I have accumulated inform my writing practice in unique ways and I’m in a position to really help people market their businesses and have more faith in themselves. And copywriting for your friends in the best way to earn a living.

Sometimes you sit in dark places thinking your life has been such a waste from all the bad choices you have made. But truly if you can sit long enough and look again you might just see that everything is exactly as it should be. Our video call today is testament today.

a great tuesday

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