Book Review: Back to Reality

book review Back To Reality

Back to Reality: The feel-good novel of the year!Back to Reality: The feel-good novel of the year! by Mark Stay
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My Review of Back to Reality

Back to Reality is a novel stemming from a podcast: The Bestseller Experiment. Two blokes set out to plan, write, publish and launch a bestselling novel within one year and interview authors, editors and bloggers to help them along the way. The podcast documents their growth as writers as well as the whole process of the launch.

I started listening to the Podcast, liked it and bought the book out of curiosity. I’m glad I did too. I read the book in a day and thoroughly enjoyed the journey. It was a fun, upbeat and joyful story.

I think we’ve all had times in our lives when we’d love to reach out to our younger self and say “don’t … or … keep going” and this book brings that concept to life in a way that’s silly and crazy and just a little bit believable. You desperately want the protagonist/s Joanna and Yoanna to find their voice (and their bodies too).

I guess the book is a little bit science-fictionish in a Douglas Adams, Robert Heinlein way: plenty of humour and obscure yet lively characters. I’m looking forward to listening to more podcast episodes and would definitely read another book by the two Marks.

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