My Favourite Photo of 2017

kids are mesmersied as june reads her poem

The WordPress daily prompts and photo challenge are among my favourite things to do and I try to participate as much as possible. So it’s lovely to share my favourite photo of the year once again.

It was watching little Shan Michael and the other children of Botongon overcome their initial reservation and fear of the microphone in the lead up to World Literacy Day.

We were rehearsing to livestream our literacy day celebrations, and the kids were practicing short speeches, prayers and just saying their name into the microphone. It took a bit of coaching but little Shan Michael (with a lot of encouragement from the bigger girls) said his name beautifully.

And this remains my favourite photo of the whole year.
shan michael rehearsing

© 2018 Melinda J. Irvine

3 responses to “My Favourite Photo of 2017”

  1. Kay Peterkin Avatar

    Hi Melinda
    At theGold Coast at Anna n John n the 3 boys ( Jack 14 Matt 14 n Noah 7) helping with the house n children over the busy Easter n School Holiday period. They have a bakery. Long hours. They had 3 until Noah came along. That was just too much. They went on a. Raise last month for 3 day break out of Brisbane. I went with them to care for the boys. So they could have a twin berth n the boys n I a 4 birth Cabin. They then had a week in Sydney. But next year it will be the same as they have been doing for all the years, back to Bali for 3 weeks. Very affordable n the boys love it best. So John I will be doing some baby sitting in Bali again in 2019 it seems. Our eldest grandson Ned who will be 28 in January is being married in Darwin next year also. Heather had just finished doing Law last year at Notre Dame in Perth. So big Year next year. Maybe the next year we will get to the Phillipines. So please Hod keep us well.
    Love now my dear n keep enjoying Jerry n your life xxxx from Kay n John 😘

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

      hi Kay

      Thanks for your lovely message, I’ve just seen it now. I’ve moved house just before Easter and had no internet connection since 27th March. In a way it a nice forced break for the last 3 weeks, but I’m busy now updating all my apps and software and replying to everyone.

      I hope you’ve had a lovely time visiting and hanging out with grandkids. Mum and my youngest sister Diane will visit here in the Philippines next year which is exciting. We have a proper house now and Jerry has his own room. It’s lovely and quiet. Oh I’m enjoying the peace of it.

      I’m putting out the neXtDRAFT newsletter again tomorrow too.

      All our love.

      Mel and Jerry xx