ten pin bowling with jerry

How To Entertain Your 9 Year Old

No matter what country you live in and where you are from, finding new ways to entertain children is always a delight (and a relief).

By accident, (on Saturday night) Jerry and I stumbled across this old ten-pin bowling alley at the top of an ageing shopping centre in Iloilo City. I won’t carry on too much about the state of the building (because I don’t want to give a negative edge to a happy time for us) but I do have to mention (tongue in cheek) that if there was a fire it wouldn’t be easy to get out alive. That said Jerry was thrilled with his first experience ten-pin bowling.

And he was just as thrilled stomping his feet as we were leaving: filling an otherwise abandoned, dark and broken cinema and enterainment complex with his little boy noises. Little boy, NOT little sound.

We’ll be back there next week for sure.

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The little rat got a strike too. Look how happy he is!
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