mel and the dusty exercise gear

Mutually Exclusive

This may come as a bit of shock to many of you, but the exercise gear parked neatly at my feet is actually covered in dust and hasn’t been touched in months and months and … well …

Anyway I thought I would put today’s prompt “Shock” to a good use by shocking my body into some regular exercise and shaming myself into action.

For some reason I’ve completely lost sight of the daily exercise habit I enjoyed for decades. I loved the gym, running, cycling, open water swimming, SCUBA diving, bushwalking, aerobics classes, yoga, but somewhere all of that practice has disappeared.

As thrilled as I am to be writing everyday I don’t want writing and physical action to be mutually exclusive.

So this is it friends. As soon as I hit publish I’m headed straight to those hand weights and the exercise bike (not pictured but in similar stasis).

Thanks for listening and keeping me on track.

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mel and the dusty exercise gear

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