cat guarding and kittens


Our beloved Maxine lost one of her kittens to a mean Ginger Tom. He got into the nest and dragged out her smallest baby. Little Pat only lived two days.

cat guarding and kittens

Even though we’ve moved her and the remaining kittens into the house, she’s understandably suspicious now of any strange smells around the kitten nest. She is a wonderful mother and grieved sorely for her lost baby.

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suspicious2 by Melinda J. Irvine


  1. Poor little baby and poor mama. How sad her precious little kitten was taken away in such a horrible way. Mama is such a pretty girl and I can see why she is so terrified of the Ginger Tom.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Patti. It was very upsetting, I managed to get the baby back from the big male but she only lived another day. Maxine was distraught when she died. A few days later (after moving the kitten nest inside the house) I went outside and left the door open, when I got back Maxine was in the process of moving all of the kittens into my son’s school bag which was lying open on the table.

  2. So sorry to hear about Maxine’s loss. Good that the other kittens are now safely inside the house, but I’m sure that if that rascal ever came near them again, she would take him to task.

    1. hi and thanks for your message, she was amazing fighting him off. i was inside and raced outside to the sound of her cries, there was ginger fur everywhere. i was so proud of her xx

      1. She must have, I’m sure, and I’m glad that she didn’t get injured – she’s got to take care of her other kittens. And I noticed that your Maxine is a very pretty girl 🙂

    1. thanks, we live in just one room so it’s really difficult to have cats inside otherwise we would never have left her outside in the first place. i’m building a secure cage for her and the kittens, they are terrified of the Ginger Cat now. thanks for your message it’s lovely to hear from you xx

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