Kitten Babies

kitten and mother

Maxine’s three kitten babies are officially two weeks old.And my life for the past 2 weeks has been an almost continual assay of kitten safety:  a big Ginger Tom killed one of the group on the first day (where is Maxine? are they afraid?), their growth (are their eyes open? are they eating properly?) and (most importantly) their level of cuteness. Which at 2 weeks old with their blue eyes open and their little paws willing to wrap around my fingers — 10/10.

kitten babies 2

After the attack on the kittens and the death of 3-day-old Pat, I moved the little family inside. Now we live in the Philippines in a one room place, so after 2 weeks of very little sleep (thanks to Maxine pawing my shoulder and cheeks + meowing the whole night), they are now living safely outside. In a sturdy  cat cage built by my neighbour’s husband, and they learning to live in it. Gates strictly close at night.

the cat cage
Maxine the naughty girl chewed a big hole in the cage last night and spent the remainder of the evening mewing and clawing at the door. Sorry my dear, you are officially an outside cat.

So with the cats safety organised we still have the teething, the weaning, and the re-gifting ahead of us (oh and Maxine’s neutering). And with their level of cuteness a whomping 10/10, no doubt the transfer of my little David, Declan and Rosie to their new homes will be the worst of the three.

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my little kitten babies
Level of cuteness — 10/10

8 responses to “Kitten Babies”

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  2. mydaisydaze Avatar

    Definitely 10 out of 10 for cuteness.

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

      haha they are even cuter since i took those photos too. thanks for stopping by the blog. mel. ps. my grandmother’s name was daisy.

      1. mydaisydaze Avatar

        I have a confession, Daisies are my favourite flower, my name is actually Margaret Anne.

      2. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

        Hello Margaret Anne, actually my grandmother always hated her name but I loved it. I have a cute little poem called ‘the magic of ebor daisies’ on the blog somewhere. i was driving through the countryside and pulled over for a break and their were wild daisies growing everywhere on the side of the road. beautiful. have a nice day and thanks again for stopping by the blog. mel.

      3. mydaisydaze Avatar

        We have wild daisies everywhere at our cabin, and no one is allowed to mow over them. lol.

  3. Marc-André Avatar

    So sorry to hear one those lost :(. But you’ve done a lot to make their life safer. <3

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

      Thanks Marc, they are very fat and cute now. I’m loving those little cats at the moment so plenty more blogs to come. Mel.