broken bus seat Philippines

Busted Seat

For those of you not conversant with Philippine bus culture, if a seat-back jams on a crowded bus (still at the terminal) the conductor will cooly break off the offending back rest and manoeuvre it into the aisle (random passenger instructed to hold it for the next 2 hours). Then direct a standing passenger to squish into the opened up seat (there’s room for four to sit there now).

broken seat on a bus in the Philippines

Somehow if this happened in Australia I think there might  have been more than laughter and then thanks to the conductor for ‘fixing’ their seat. How about your country?

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broken seat on a bus in the Philippines


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  1. Awesome!In Argentina the buses are always crowded but the driver does not bother us to travel more comfortable. I always say that in the rush hour we travel like canned sardines. By the way, the pic is great!

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