Performing Live at the Bamboo Bar

melinda j. irvine performing at the bamboo bar

Just found these videos of me performing a few songs inside the dim lighting at the at the Bamboo Bar (Estancia, Philippines) in mid 2014. I’ve embedded a playlist of 5 songs.

Estancia was still recovering from Typhoon Yolanda and having no equipment with me they hooked me into a karaoke microphone and strapped it with gaffer tape to an old photographers tripod found in the rubble. It was too low so they sat it on an upside-down plastic laundry tub.

I remember having to lean in at an awkward angle to get my vocals close enough, trying not to knock the plastic tub and disrupt the whole thing. Someone videoed a few of the songs songs. My guitar was hooked into a tiny practice cube, it’s a wonder you can even hear it.

It was a great night and they paid me in food and Red Horse (local Filipino beer). If you watch all 5 videos ‘Different Colours’ and ‘Eclipse’ are my own songs. About time I started performing again.

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