Book Review: Me, the Tree by Ann Louise Ramsey

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Me, the Tree by Ann Louise Ramsey

Me, the TreeMe, the Tree by Ann Louise Ramsey
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For the past 3 years I’ve been hunting for quality children’s books for my adopted son Jerry. Living here in the Philippines I often stumble across wonderful books in second-hand bookstores in cities. It’s only recently I realised that (because we’ve been reading them together) it would be a nice way to give back to the authors and write a nice (and honest) review for each of them.

So I’m starting with Me, the Tree which I found in a little book store in an old shopping mall in Iloilo City a few days ago. This lovely book is a combination of original photographs, computer generated art, and poetry all created by author Ann Louise Ramsey.

poetry from Me, the Tree

While the story appears to be about about the life-cycle of a tree, it’s actually far more elaborate. The book actually takes us deeper into the journey of a soul who finds their truth as a growing tree. The beautiful photos/illustrations create an additional depth to the story helping children conceptualise a soul contained inside a tree. It’s a book that delighted my 10 year-old (English Second Language) adopted son as well as me when we read it together.

Anne Louise Ramsey has personified the tree, both in the poetry and by generating a set of loving eyes into the photographs displaying each piece of the tree’s life journey. And Jerry loved looking for those distinctive blue eyes on each page as I read to him the lyrical verse accompanying the illustrations on each page.

This is a book we’ll be reading again and again as it captures the spirit of love, personal truth and living in harmony with our natural world — values so important to the new generation and emerging custodians of our planet. What a delight to find this book.

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