Earth Meditations

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earth meditations

Sometimes in the business of our lives. The way we study, we plan, we pretend, we protest, we play. And prefer to lose ourselves into a pretence (maybe it’s Facebook) and abandon the presence of who we really are.

But when we remove our shoes, our resistance, and ourselves; resting our bodies against the steady energy of our planet earth, we are home. And we start to remember.

We remember that each of us, every cell contained in our bodies is a piece of the same matter that binds all creation — the same matter that rises and falls in death as in life. And we remember that we are one. One sister, brother, earth, angel, God, spirit, rock, tree, mountain, river. It is in this connection we remember that when we love our earth we also love ourselves, God and each other.

Pledge now to spend time each day — feet bare and resting on cool, damp earth. Hands gentle, connected to ancient tree. Minds still, in harmony with River, Ocean, Mountain, and Forest. God. Ready to listen and ready to receive.

Close your eyes. Breathe gently and calmly. Let your body go still. Allow your thoughts to steady. Smile when a thought seeks attention. Let it go. Watch it go. Thank the thought. Smile. Remember to breathe. Go deeper. Remember to breathe. Go deeper.

Where are you? What do you hear? What do you see? Does the earth speak? Or  something else? Remember who you are.

yourearthing meditation from mel jerry

at eco camp
Wandering the extensive gardens, mangrove rehabilitation ponds and natural tidal lagoon pools.


This week I had the privilege of attending an eco-adventure camp for high-school students selected for their interest and dedication to marine conservation and environmental issues generally.

Eco-adventure Camp 2018 is a joint initiative of the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (JBLFMU) and EarthingPH (a conservation based social enterprise). I was accepted as a volunteer to deliver a small series of guided meditations and breathing exercises with a earth-connection theme. One of the meditations I wrote especially for the kids I’ve shared above.

A member of Peacecorp from the USA shares her knowledge of water pollution and rehabilitation.

What I loved most about the camp was the holistic approach to the learning. Not only did students gain technical knowledge about mangroves, corals and sea grasses, but they also participated in conservation inspired art projects, and importantly — learning how to prepare and pitch proposals for community projects. Because learning how to work within the ‘system’ to enact change is essential.

My small role was part of the spiritual approach: remembering our connection to the earth through grounding meditations and guided visualisations. I was so impressed by the students’ willingness to participate, get vulnerable, listen, and hug a few trees too.

Jerry also got to attend Eco-Adventure Camp.


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