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Have a Great Copywriting Career

Anyone wanting a career as a copywriter should absolutely watch this video 10 Steps to Having a Great Copywriting Career for Life. I stumbled across the video featuring Bob Bly (one of America’s most successful copywriters) a few months ago and wanted to share it out.

Robert W. Bly is a successful freelance copywriter and shares insights from almost 40 years of persuasive writing. The focus of the  video is about creating and managing a copywriting business rather than the act of writing itself. So it’s  perfect for anyone wanting to know how to get started as a copywriting professional.

Apart from his mantras of write everyday and research, research, research, Mr Bly simply explains that success in a copywriting career comes with getting good, writing the best copy you can on every job, being easy to work with, and putting the client first.

One of the things I love most in the video is how he applies the 80/20 rule to copywriting: spend 80% of your time copywriting for clients and 20% writing pet projects like poetry, personal essays or that novel you know you have to write.

Watch it for yourself!

PS: you should also check out the website of Bob Bly. He’s a great mentor and shares a lot of free content about how to be an amazing copywriter.

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