Under the Mango Tree

two boys under a mango tree

On Thursday we took the 4 hour bus back to Estancia to visit our friends, Jerry’s family, and the kids of Botongon who are getting ready for school enrolment on Monday. We needed to get Jerry’s Grade 3 report card and his Certificate of Good Moral Character from his previous school.

Still best friends … Nonoy and Jerry.

I loved seeing our friends, drinking cold Pepsi from a shared plastic cup under the shade of a mango tree. Jerry and best friend Nonoy (who haven’t seen each other for almost 2 months) raced around using their lungs for laughter and shrieking and scaling the mango trees.

We saw two of Maxine’s kittens (Declan and David) growing big but still cute, Rosemary (Neda’s disabled daughter) who repeated my name endlessly and scammed me for 15 pesos just by being sweet, and Emelyn of course who has been such a support to Jerry and I this past 3 years.

And as much as I love them all, both of us (yeh both Jerry and me) were happy to board that bus at 5.30pm and get out of there, back to Iloilo City.

PS: We were also able to give out the 22 school packs for the kids. Emelyn will distribute for me the day before class resumes. Thanks again to those who helped make this happen, you know who you are.

Jerry visited his brother and most especially his niece Sky.

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2 responses to “Under the Mango Tree”

  1. Cindy Avatar

    Oh lovely leafy mango trees… <3

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

      I’ve only just been back on the blog now. I do love their shade Cindy. Mel.