Rizal Park Manila

entrance to Rizal Park, Manila

the execution of jose rizal - art memorial - manila

Inside Rizal Park Manila is a confronting piece of art depicting the execution ceremony of Dr José Rizal by the Spanish Army in 1896. It’s a surreal encounter wandering between executioners and victim.

This installation art magnifies the size and height of each person and reduces the size of observers. Whether you feel connected or not to the story, it’s a powerful experience.

“I’ll go where there are no slaves, tyrants or hangmen. Where faith does not kill and where God alone does reign.”

José Rizal

According to historians Dr Rizal requested to face the firing squad but was ordered to turn his back against the Filipino soldiers of the Spanish army. A backup force of regular Spanish Army troops were on standby to shoot the executioners should they fail to obey the orders of the commander.

shrine to jose Rizal - Manila
The art piece by Ildefonso Paez Santos captures the moment Dr Rizal was shot by Filipino soldiers under command by the Spanish Army; the regular army waiting behind, the quivering dog, the drums, the clergy.

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4 responses to “Rizal Park Manila”

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

      It was an emotive piece of art.

      1. Cindy Avatar

        Glad you got to see Luneta (the national park as we were taught in primary school hahaha!) and Jose Rizal. 😀

      2. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

        We loved our time in Rizal Park and Jerry was thrilled when it was feature on our local TV station last week. Mel.