Kittens, Kittens and more Kittens

kittens in a washtub

Sharing some kitten love …

Our beloved rescue cat Maxine had her 2nd batch of kittens just over 3 weeks ago. Just look at these little cuties. I had planned to have her spayed but somehow she got pregnant within 1 week of me finding homes for her last batch.

So meet 3½ week old Veronica (black), Band (all ginger), Gingerman (ginger + white throat) and Rocky (white with black ears and tail). Naturally Jerry wants to keep them all.

PS: we might keep Veronica because she’s our favourite and we named her after Jerry‘s mother who died in 2012.

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7 responses to “Kittens, Kittens and more Kittens”

  1. Cindy Avatar

    Oh I would keep them all! <3 (but don't tell Jerry I said that haha!)

  2. stoner on a rollercoaster Avatar

    Aww 😍 miracle babies 😊

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

      It’s going to be so hard giving them away xx

  3. ksbeth Avatar

    precious –

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

      serious cuties, i love them so much.

  4. Us4p Avatar

    A miracle of the life! Really beautiful