Nutrition Day 2018

nutrition day 2018

This week Jerry celebrated his first Nutrition Day Program at his new school in Iloilo City. You can see him singing along to the ‘Five Food Groups’ in the video below (he’s in the third row 2nd from the left in the red and white shirt — his row is on the 1st step). He was very excited.

Moving to the city in the last few days of March has been an great big step in his development and progress. He’s now able to participate in out-of-school programs like Ballet and Literacy, plus he goes directly to a Knowledge and Tuition Centre straight after class 5 days per week. They help him with his homework and review all his lessons from the day, plus support his reading and comprehension. So we are really making progress.

His school is very high standard and the children aren’t even allowed into their classrooms if they are sweaty or dirty — they must bring a spare shirt and towel every day to school. Jerry responds well to routines, discipline and order and the school is well programmed (right down to the check list of stationary and sharpened pencils he must have in his school bag every morning). Perfect.

nanays at school
The parents from each class had to present a cooking demonstration. We had one hour to prepare 2 x dishes selected by the judges. Don’t I look huge compared to the other nanay’s (mothers) from Grade 4 Sapphire!

This was our first program together in Jerry’s new school and we both had a really great time. Things are really looking up, it hasn’t rained or flooded the house since Saturday, it’s been weeks and weeks since our last blackout or WIFI outage, and this morning I even managed a Zumba class in the La Paz Plaza. Yay.

Life is finally starting to look how I imagined it.

judges at the table
It’s serious stuff these cooking contents, the first of 5 x judges tastes our presentation, as Jerry’s classmates look on nervously.
lyrics Five Food Groups
Five Food Groups … to a rockabilly tune, now you can sing it for yourself.