Celebrating Buwan ng Wika 2018

jerry at buwan ng wika 2018

Jerry recently joined the school choir (or known here as Glee Club). It was very serious stuff selecting his audition song, plus enduring the 10 day wait to find out who had been selected to represent his grade.

What Jerry lacks in pitch perfection he certainly makes up in enthusiasm and you can see him singing heartily with his choir-mates in the top video. He’s in the exact centre in that back row of boys.

The video below is a presentation in his national language Tagalog/Filipino by his class, Grade 4 Sapphire. Jerry is in the second row, 6th from the left (to the immediate right of the boy in blue). The children are wearing traditional Filipino costume and celebrating Buwan ng Wika. Just look at how many boys are in that class.

The ‘Buwan ng Wika’ celebration of the Philippine National Language is a yearly event celebrated in the month of August all over the country. The emphasis is on linguistic and cultural activities and the celebrations are driven by the Department of Education and Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino.

I do enjoy living in a country that has a strong culture and thrilled that Jerry is having this opportunity to participate in so many different cultural events (and wants to be part of it all too). He looked so handsome in his Barong Tagalog, which is a lighweight embroidered shirt worn untucked over a light coloured undershirt. It’s considered the national dress for Filipino men and boys. He’ll have an opportunity to wear it again to a wedding at the end of next month while I’m in Australia.

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