merry christmas from our new place

We’ve Moved

oh let me introduce you
to our new place — we call it home
and like a little prince (with mother Queen)
we each of us have a throne

it has a lovely concrete driveway
so we’re out of all the mud
and it’s on the second floor
so it never, never floods

flushing toilets and 2 showers
from town water (not from a well)
so we never have to clean up
flood-leaked sewerage and it’s smell

and even better, no feral cats
that are no cats in our new ceiling
or their kittens or their boyfriends
sharing their xxx … screeching the whole night and squealing

cockroaches haven’t seen one
yeh there’s a few ants and some geckos  but honestly who cares
because in more than one whole week i have not seen
a fist sized GINORMOUS spider on the stairs

i’ve given away all our candles
for the new place has a generator
and yes i have said at least 100 prayers
in thanks to our Creator

and i’m serious here, i have said thanks
in many prayers of gratitude
and it’s for more than the laundromat downstairs
the kitchen sink, and flushing loos

because i will never again take for granted
what it means to live well
to have hot, running water
that’s clean and does not smell

because to have clean water
readily available to all the members of your home
is a human right denied (worldwide)
to more than 2.1 billion fellow human souls

and in the words of the World Health Organisation

Safe water, sanitation and hygiene
at home should not be a privilege
of only those who are rich or live in urban centres
but available to all, in every town or little village

so now for Christmas, 2018
and into the new year that’s impending
it’s my wish for peace [and clean water] to all
in prayers and love i’m sending

[to you] all God’s blessings may they rain on you
may your home never be without power
and may you have a water tap to turn (on)
and the the time to take a shower

© 2018 Melinda J. Irvine

merry christmas from our new place
Our new place looking a bit Christmassy (moved here one week ago) — just imagine our squeaky clean bathrooms and toilets that flush with a button. Jerry told me very earnestly about a year ago, his parent’s house that was lost in Typhoon Yolanda never had a toilet … ‘we just did a poo anywhere or in the sea Tita Mel’.


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