Book Review: Faunaverse Tasmania

Faunaverse Tasmania in print

Faunaverse Tasmania‘ is a book of 26 fun and funky poems about the unique wildlife and flora of Australia’s island state (Tasmania). It doesn’t matter whether you are a kid or all grown up, you’ll delight in Alex and Jane Dudley’s stunning wildlife photography and  poems (plus giggle at their grimacing puns). You might just learn something too.

Because Faunaverse Tasmania brings to life some of the endangered species that are native to Tasmania and found nowhere else in the world.

tiger snake - faunaverse tasmania

You’ll meet the gorgeous eastern quoll, learn a little bit about wombat poo, and chase a ‘turbo chook’ (otherwise known as the Tasmanian native hen) across the isolated island. You’ll meet some other kooky creatures too, like — Milena the Marchfly (a native blood-sucking fly who’s attracted a pile of haters), Jasmine the Jack Jumper (a vicious jumping ant), and Velvet the Velvet Worm (a ravenous hunting worm that looks like a tiny plushy toy).

Milena the March Fly from Faunaverse Tasmania
My favourite poem from Faunaverse Tasmania — Milena the March Fly.

And if I sound a bit biased, that’s because I am. Alex and Jane happen to be two of the most wonderful people you could meet on this planet. Kind, dedicated to environmental conservation, and fun to be around. They use their creative energy to give back to this Earth, and when they aren’t sitting silently in the bush watching lizards and frogs, they’re out and about in schools and libraries.

They’re giving talks and musical presentations to help kids and (grown up people too) understand more about the critters that inhabit our backyards (and the diminishing wilds that surround them). Or they’re quietly articulating their extensive knowledge of Australia’s amazing fauna into poems that are as fun to read as they are educational. Alex and Jane definitely aren’t sitting still.

Faunaverse Tasmania in print

Every book you buy helps my friends continue their work researching and protecting these special animals and plants, please show them some love and add Faunaverse Tasmania to your holiday reading list. Visit the Faunaverse website to buy a copy for yourself, or gift to someone special.

PS: Faunaverse Tasmania is the second in the Faunaverse series, learn some more about the original Faunaverse in this funny post from 2016.

If I sound biased that’s because I’m proud to call these two amazingly talented people friends.