Happy New Year Friends

happy new year

Our new year burst into view through a network of fireworks, unison’ed countdowns, and plastic horn blowers that stretched as far as we could hear and see from our little balcony.

And I remembered what it was like to be 10 years old and thrilled at the thought of a brand new year that would make me 11 — magically watching a little person (who once might have been me) shout HAPPY NEW YEAR, standing on a plastic chair and throwing his small voice out into the celebrations.

Eating our New Year spaghetti I would remind myself not to grudgingly resent an upcoming birthday or kill ¬†those sparkling lights with morbid reflections of abandoned promises. It’s a new year and I’m happy.

Happy New Year friends.

Love Mel and Jerry xx

happy new year
A few days earlier Jerry and I sat in a coffee shop with our new Christmas gift journals. We wrote a list of the all the things we would do in 2019. Jerry’s said: go somewhere I never went before, swim in a waterfall, behave. Mine said: write everyday, go to all Jerry’s school meetings without complaining, ride my bike. We signed each other’s journals with ‘I promise I will do this’ to hold ourselves accountable.

2 responses to “Happy New Year Friends”

  1. ksbeth Avatar

    happy new year!

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

      you too. a wonderful 2019 to you.