Fueling a Creative Life

art on the wall

While I’m writing I love to be surrounded in books, pictures and musical instruments. For the past few months I’ve been working on my new writing space and freelancing office, decorating the walls with cut-up art books. It seemed a bit silly to be collecting art books from second hand book stores and then (spending so much of my time writing) leaving them sealed shut inside a bookshelf all the way down the stairs.

Once I got my head around cutting up the beautiful books, I realised it was far better to have the art out on the walls and with me everyday. That way I could actually experience the paintings or sculptures and be inspired by them. Use the energy of the art wall to fuel my own creative practice.

How are you fueling your own creative life?

beautiful art wall

late into the night
when even dogs are quiet
my light on, cutting art from books

art on the wall
Apart from the cut up paintings, I also like having my musical instruments where I can touch them. It inspires me to keep the music in my life and most days I play at least a few songs and connect with my instruments.