jerry learns to ride

Boy on Bike

I can ride
I can ride
I can ride …

He shouts like every kid who ever learned to ride
Then hits a tree [not pictured].

Hiring a bicycle for Jerry to learn to ride in the gardens of the Molo Mansion, Iloilo City. Jerry could swim before he was 2 and his sister tell me he taught himself. But riding a bike has eluded him until now, age 11. Did you learn without training wheels?

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Written by Melinda J. Irvine

Melinda J. Irvine is a professional writer, small business owner, and daily blogger — helping real people like you find their voice and share their burning message with the world (and their employees). In her spare time, Mel is busy building (and writing) a free online learning centre for the marginalised kids of Estancia, Philippines.

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