Book Review: Faith by Tim Costello

faith by tim costello

FaithFaith by Tim Costello
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It is easy to speak highly of book where you agree with nearly everything the author has to say, and in some ways acts as an endorsement for some of your own life philosophies. That said ‘Faith’ is a personal account of the ways Reverend Tim Costello has experienced faith in his public and private life.

The book unfolds as a series of short essays and personal stories from his time as a city mayor, Baptist Pastor, CEO of World Vision, husband, and Christian man — Rev Costello presents his beliefs and musings on everything from religious extremism, the global refugee crisis, climate change, domestic violence, gay marriage, gender inequality, and a growing disinterest amongst mainstream Australia to world issues of poverty, corruption, and violence. Mr Costello laments the continued slashing of foreign aid, even in the wake of the crisis in Syria and the inhumane processing of refugees through offshore detention centres.

Since the publication of this book 2.5 years ago, Australian foreign aid is still at an all-time low and I can only imagine Mr Costello’s feeling as the government continues to express they have ‘no intention of increasing it’. He is passionate about lifting up the marginalised, and a recurring theme is his overwhelming belief in the power of forgiveness, transformation, and recovery (whether by Christian faith or other means) and the hope and possibilities this presents for those living on the fringes of our society (prisoners, addicts, refugees).

You may not agree with everything that Reverend Costello has to say about the nature of reality, biblical history, and the creation story but I think you will find that he presents his beliefs in a respectful and open way, offering you entry points to further examination and self-enquiry.

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faith by tim costello