Getting all the kids back to school 2019

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Each year (with the help of friends and family), I use the money I earn as a freelance writer to support about 20 Filipino kids in their schooling. Throughout the year family and friends (and even a few people I’ve never met) send me cash donations, while others donate bottles, cans, scrap-metal and other stuff to be sold or ‘cashed-in’. It’s a wonderful thing the way it connects all of us.

So if you’ve made any sort of donation this year (or bought stamps from the eBay store STAMPS FOR THE VISAYANS) this post is for you and my way of saying thanks. And I simply must give a special mention to my Uncle Richard who spends his nights and weekends selling off the family stamp collection on eBay and sending me the proceeds to help the kids.

School enrolment highlights 2019

Attending the graduation ceremony at the end of 2018-2019 school year. (April 2019). It was pretty cool having 5 year old Nilson ask me to accept his Kindergarten certificates with him on the stage. 

Celebrating with pizza for the kids after graduation. 17 year old Rosemary in the centre was left with a disability after a seizure at age 9, she’s very shrewd with her money and was pleased to receive a small donation during the visit. It was put away fast.

Though I wasn’t there this year (my friend Emelyn took these photos), it was great being able to provide school supplies and help get these kids enrolled and back to school. 

Getting 18 year old Eunice out of the laundry (yes she spends her days and weekends handwashing the clothes) and enrolled in a Pharmacy degree at a university in Iloilo City. We’ve helped her get set her up in a boarding house and she starts classes this Tuesday (11 June) .

Jerry’s half-brother Ryan and his daughter Sky. We are sponsoring Sky in kindergarten this year as well as paying Ryan to take four of our older students to the high school each day. Ryan has been wanting to buy himself a motorbike and last week secured a loan — he saved the deposit himself and will use our monthly allowance for the loan payments. Ryan will transport each of the kids individually to school until he saves enough for a side-car. Then he can take them all at the same time.

There is not a thing I could buy myself, or any amount of money in the world that could ever mean more than the joy of these kids. My friend Emelyn sent me these when she delivered the school supplies on our behalf to the kids last week.

Best of all I’m able to provide a great life for Jerry who just improves and expands everyday. This year we sorted out so many health issues (including tuberculosis). He won his very first school medal and was part of the school choir.

Thanks again everyone who helped. It means so much that we were able to do this together. The kids are so very grateful and so are their parents.

Mel and Jerry xx