Last night I found a cute little video of Jerry singing. He got hold of my phone not long after he came to live with me in 2015, and watching it caused me a few lamentations about how fast he’s growing up.

That is until this morning.

Without being asked he fixed the broken electric fan, rewired up the TV (we had transferred it to my room for movies last night) and is currently (as I write this) at the laundromat around the corner waiting for the washing to finish. He’ll ride a tricycle back with the laundry when it’s done, and pay the driver to carry the basket for him.

So I take back every thought that wanted to ‘Peter Pan’ him, it’s wonderful having this enthusiastic young helper. Now today I can blog without restrain, and he has a guilt-free afternoon of Netflix and Disney.

PS: but how cute is this video? He’s trying to sing a Filipino song called Haypa — which is themed around — everybody dance, have fun, and be happy. I just love their low budget vid and fun lyrics. Google translate it for yourself then play it loud.

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