Music Man Project Philippines — Inaugral Concert for Botongon

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Watch the full Music Man Project Philippines inaugural concert (minus a few speeches) for Botongon (Estancia) Philippines. Held 5.30pm, 15 February 2020 at Barangay Botongon Gym Plaza.

Video 1. Opening remarks

  • Welcome by Botongon Elementary School Grade 6 Advisor (English, Filipino) Elbern Deatras Robiso
  • Opening prayer by Pastor Eduardo A. Daitol, Estancia Baptist Church, Botongon.
  • Philippine National Anthem

Video 2. Welcome from Barangay Officials

  • Head Teacher Botongon Elementary School
  • Botongon Barangay Captain Sir Arleen T. Bacos

Video 3. Formal address by Estancia Officials

  • Mayor Melina C. Requinto

Video 4. Great Big Musical Party

  • Concert welcome Mr David Stanley, CEO Music Man Project International
  • Song: Great Big Musical Party

Video 5. Peace and Hope

  • Song: Peace and Hope

Video 6. Botongon Song

  • Song: Botongong Song — the official hymn of Botongon Elementary School written exclusively for the school by Mr David Stanley.

Video 7. Music is Magic (solo by Odiva)

  • Song: Music is Magic with feature solo by Miss Odiva

Video 8. Music is Magic (solo by Jenny)

  • Song: Music is Magic with feature solo and improvisation by Miss Jenny Banate.

Video 9. High Low Middle

  • Song: High Low Middle

Video 10. Liberty Bells

  • Instrumental: Liberty Bells

Video 11. Announcement and Gifts

  • Announcement: Mr David Stanley announcing the appointment of Miss Melinda J. Irvine as official representative and Director of the Music Man Project Philippines.
  • Gifting of Music Man Project equipment and instruments to the Philippines with Miss Melinda J. Irvine as custodian.
  • Gifting of Music Man Project memorabilia to the Estancia Elementary School.

Video 12. Final Song

  • Song: Join Together — children, volunteers, teachers, VIP guests and audience performing together.

Video 13. Song of Thanks

Song: Salamat Song led by Ma’am Sarry Ann L. Billones and Sir Elbern Deatras Robiso, sung by the pupils of Botongon Estancia Elementary School (and a few extras).


These videos are the property of Mr David Stanley, Mr Daunton Todd, Mr Paul Cudby, and Miss Melinda J. Irvine. By all means share on social media, but do not downloaded or repurpose in anyway without permission from Mr David Stanley, Music Man Project UK.