Dry-season rain

swells unwary spaces.

Climate change.

big puddle of water in a muddy playground

The little playground where I practice tai chi and reiki was filled with rain puddles this morning — a very unusual thing for May (or mid-dry season). Here in the Western Visayan region of the Philippines, the rain usually stops at the end of March and does not fall again (not even a little bit) until late June.

You can imagine how surprised I was on Tuesday afternoon when dark clouds began covering the sky. Not believing they could be filled with rain I didn’t pay much notice until thunder and lighting came crashing through the kitchen window. Pouring rain followed and remained for the next 30 hours.

This morning the little playground was filled with sticky mud and puddles that reflect playground swings and inner-city rainforest trees. Rather than practice on the wet earth, I moved my tai chi forms to the concrete tennis court that rest alongside.

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