Copyright and Affiliates

Intellectual Property

Materials on this website are my own original work: including the poetry, stories, videos and photographs. I make a special effort to personally frame and photograph the images for my personal stories and poetry.

All content on this website including photos, videos, and text is protected under the Copyright Act 1968 and may not be used for any purpose without the permission in writing of Melinda J. Irvine.

Sometimes I use photographs and commercial imagery for my business blogs: when used I acknowledge the source. In my blog articles I reference and acknowledge the ideas, professional and creative work of other people.

Please respect the artistic achievements of others, we are all creative beings and have the power within to produce our own works. There is a pride and sense of fulfilment in that. We can learn by acknowledging the vision of others and in doing so, build on our collective knowledge, expanding together.

Affiliate Disclosure

Most of the products and services for sale on this website are my own work, but from time to time I do participate in affiliate marketing and advertising programs. What this means is, I may receive a commission payment if you make a purchase after clicking on any external affiliate links on my website.

Any affiliate links on my website are only for products and services I have actually used and believe they would be helpful to my readers. Posts or pages that contains affiliate links are clearly marked.

I encourage my readers to do their own independent research to evaluate how any recommended product or service would benefit them individually before making a purchase.

Proceeds from affiliate commissions are used to buy books and continue my projects for disadvantaged children in the Philippines. I live here in the Western Visayas in the process of adopting an orphan boy I met wandering the streets in mid-2105.

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