completed project 5: rebuilding the sari-sari store

road widening Imagine you’ve just started to have an income again. It’s a year and half since Typhoon Yolanda has swept away your house and store. A local NGO and some foreign aid workers have helped you build a small eatery and a small income is beginning to trickle in.

Then the road is widened by three metres on both sides, your eatery, small sari-sari store and deep well are demolished.

You are experiencing a greater sense of despair then after Yolanda took everything.

dirt entrance to the store
dirt entrance to the store

This project is an interest free loan to a family of six (6) for the capital to restock their small store. A payment plan will be structured in the new year (2016) to give the family some time to generate enough income to make payments and restock the store.

Profit margins on convenience stores are low and owners work long hours. Would you have a store open before 5am until 9.30pm or later every day to profit  $AUD300 per month? Yes, that is monthly.

They are hoping to also rebuild the eatery as surplus allows.