jerry in the taxi

Riding in Cars With a Boy

The first time Jerry rode in a taxi he opened the door while the taxi was speeding along a major road. He was only 7 and curious about all the buttons and handles and nobs. That was just before he started vomiting. And though we still don't travel without a plastic bag, he can usually manage short distances now without causing a major hazard or throwing up everywhere.

neda, mel and rosemary

Christmas Reflections

It's raining here in Estancia and my iPhone just started screaming out another emergency weather alert. Apart from minor flooding we don't have too much to worry about here, but my prayers are with the people in Mindanao, Palawan and Leyte who are having a third typhoon (in less than 2 weeks) flood out their homes and crops. Oh life here in the Philippines is hard on the poor.