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Client Satisfaction Survey


In the most recent job I completed for you could you indicate your overall level of satisfaction.

How did this compare to other jobs I have completed for you?

Do you feel I understood exactly what you needed ...

Were you happy with the frequency of the communication throughout the entire project ...

How was my communication style? (select everything that's true for you)

Do you feel I listened to you adequately? (which statement is true for you)

What about the project timeframes and deadlines.

What about the standard of the writing? (which of the following is true for you)

How is the copy I wrote working for you now?

What could I do to improve my client service?

Would you recommend my professional writing services?

Would you like to work with me again?

If you loved my writing style and client service would you be willing leave a testimonial that I could use on my website and marketing materials? I'll be happy to put your logo and a link back to your website in return.

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