completed project 3: house for a family

Building materials for a family

Annabel Munes is a active community volunteer in the province of Estancia, Iloilo supporting, inspiring and caring for women in her Barangay.

Annabel’s home was completely destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda, forcing her family into temporary accommodation with friends.

At the cost of 50,000 pesos I was able to organise the payment for building materials on her behalf.

The house is being constructed by relatives so the materials will stay at the construction company until required.

The video below is the first time I met Annabel and she is showing me around her house.

This video shows the first delivery of building materials.

Annabel is excited as construction begins on her home.

Saying goodbye to Maricelle and Annabelle.
Saying goodbye to Maricelle and Annabelle.

COST OF PROJECT: approximately AUD$1,400 including building materials, currency transfer fees and ATM charges.