Business Mentoring

Another of the issues surrounding typhoon affected provinces of the Philippines is the devastating effect to business services. Business premises are destroyed or significantly damaged and then fold due to lack of patronage while owners and customers are rebuilding and recovering.

Jac Gallagher, Principal of Notch Above Bookkeeping Services.

My friend, Jac Gallagher (Managing Director of Notch Above Bookkeeping Services) wanted to implement a business mentoring program for young college or university graduates living in provinces affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

Through many discussions over the phone (oh and a tiny glass of red wine) we decided to implement a one-on-one coaching service to a young college graduate living in Estancia, Iloilo and ultimately assist this young lady in starting her own business.

While I am in the Philippines, Jac will be providing mentoring over skype and I will be supporting those efforts on the ground. Each week the young mentee will be set a series of personal targets and goals while researching the start-up costs and associated actions for a potential business. Ultimately we will assist her write a business and marketing plan and then provide an interest-free loan to get started.

Enabling a young person to direct their college or university qualifications into their own business means they could financially support their entire family, use the skills for which they were trained and potentially live close or much closer than might otherwise have been possible to their extended family.

The program will commence in late May 2014 and both Jac and I will be blogging regularly about the progress and outcomes.

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