Business Supporters

The following businesses have been absolutely amazing in their love and financial support of my humanitarian aid projects. They had such a significant impact on my life and I simply could not have carried out the work or projects without them. Thank you, I love you all so much!

Hotel Lane Op-Shop

Hotel Lane Op-Shop is located in the heart of the NSW New England eucalypts and granite country. Take a country drive and visit their charming store filled with love and surprises.

Kelly Jones and Jacqui Lenard are two amazing women transforming their tiny rural property into a dynamic community space. Find your way to the Hotel Lane Op-shop by the hand-painted art on recycled timbers and industrial castoffs and arrive ready for some organic produce, vintage clothing, pre-loved tools or antique curios. Jacqui and Kelly are the real definition of generosity, while already giving to their immediate community they are willing to to help a young student in the Philippines fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor. Real people with real values and a nice cup-of-tea.

Brush and Bristle Paint Co.

Brush and Bristle Paint Co. is a professional architectural and decorative painting company, specializing in custom lime wash, venetian plaster and paper hanging.

Daniel Figueredo specialises in hand drawn sign design and reverse guilding.

Daniel Figueredo is one of those special people you meet once in a lifetime. Creative with a great big heart. His business, Brush and Bristle, is doing more than just painting your residence or commercial property. Services include Wallpaper, Venetian plaster, and, in partnership with Calcem, their very own lime-wash suited for tropical climates. Lets not forget a hand-painted sign and gold leaf service: their signature.

Do you need color and design consultation services? Brush and Bristle provide that free of charge. Thank you  Daniel your generosity was overwhelming and I wish you all the very best with your new venture and bright new life.

CERV Philippines

The Center for Volunteerism in the Philippines (CERV-Philippines) seeks to help Filipino communities better their quality of life by harnessing the goodwill of the peoples of the world through international volunteer programs.

Estancia project Day 1 with CERV Philippines. We are all checking out a women’s birthing clinic and community centre that CERV had built the previous month (that’s me in the grey cap and shirt on the right).

The Center for Volunteerism in the Philippines, Inc. (CERV) is not just a volunteer organistation, it is directed and orchestrated by an amazing group of people who dedicate their lives to helping others. Founder Raymond B Villaneuva is a highly respected reporter and photojournalist uncovering the social issues left untouched by others. Raymond is also a human rights worker and an environmentalist.

Raymond, his wife Pom, introduced me to Estancia and during my time there with CERV, I learned so much. They continued to support me in my endeavours for many weeks after I ended my four (4) week by program with them.

Why not give them a big FB like? Or even better, volunteer yourself.

Leftfield Sound Vision and Multimedia Cairns

Leftfield Productions Cairns is a dedicated to applying the art of film-making and photography to provide solutions for business, and tell stories that need to be told.

leftfield productions
Having a break during our video project, that’s me in the cap, I’ll let you spot Brett on your own.

In addition to being a film-maker, he’s a published author, a producer of award winning advertising campaigns, director of acclaimed documentaries and has recently moved into both commercial and artistic photography. Who is he? The very talented Brett Charles who donated his time and expertise free of charge to create a series of videos to assist with my fundraising.

Brett didn’t hesitate to setup a professional interview space, lighting and multiple angled cameras. He then spent hours and hours editing the finished series. All free of charge.

Andy Mack

AMPED: Andy Mack’s Positive Energy Designs and Diary. Exploring the guitar, music and Utopia.

My friend Andy Mack “interviewed” me before my return to the Philippines to help me document my experiences.

Not only is Andy Mack my friend but a completely awesome guitarist and instructor. A self-confessed techHead, Andy is also a rising videographer, sound technician and producer. Andy is the author of the comprehensive reference book  “Guitar Genius” and website.

A big thanks to Andy for his belief in this project, it was he who encouraged me to build this website and tell everyone what I’ve been doing.