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human resources documents by Melinda J. IrvineAre you a small business owner unsure about the HR policies and documents you need to have in place for your staff? Are you an expanding enterprise feeling  a little overwhelmed by your HR obligations ? Would you like to have a consistent program for recruitment, staff inductions and performance reviews? I have more than 16 years experience as a Senior Manager and HR Specialist as well as being a skilled  technical writer. I’d love to help you develop any of the following key HR documents.

Recruitment Tools
Recruiting good staff is an essential part of any business. Do you have recruitment tools in place that help you review job applications, interview candidates, select the right person and notify applicants?

Induction Programs
A consistent staff induction program will help your staff understand their responsibilities and as well as essential work health and safety information. Inductions are especially important for new staff but existing staff should also review their induction every 6-12 months to revise specific details about processes, tasks and equipment related to their job.

Job Descriptions
A job description provides a summary of what a particular job involves as well as documenting individual skills, attributes and key responsibilities. All businesses are different so it’s important to develop your own job descriptions rather than copy them from somewhere else.

Staff Performance Reviews
Finding the time to review the performance of your staff helps build a strong and effective team. You can reward staff who are adding value to your business or set targets for staff who aren’t meeting their responsibilities.

More About Melinda J. Irvine

After spending 10 years as a senior manager and HR Specialist in the hospitality industry, I worked as an independent industry consultant. Assisting clients with HR Reviews, recruiting staff, preparing job descriptions, developing induction programs, delivering safety training and fine tuning staff appraisals are some of the many client projects I have delivered. Now I can help you too.

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