completed project 2: water for a hospital

Can you imagine a hospital that has no permanent water supply? Everything has to be rationalised and cleaning things like toilets and bathrooms are not a priority.

At the cost of AUD$140 two trucks of water will last them two weeks. Both the head nurse and the Chief Consulting Doctor broke down and cried when I gave them this money. They got on the phone immediately as they had literally just run out of water.

The couldn’t issue a receipt so the Chief Consulting Doctor wrote this out on a post-it note.
Purchasing medicine for patients in Malbog

To be honest, the Malbog Hospital was more than a project of water, I could not count the amount of people I transported there, paid their medical expenses while overseeing their care. The lady at the pharmacy there would always say:-

“oh ma’am you have another patient?”

The two videos below give you an idea of what it’s like inside the hospital.