Love the People You Meet

‘Love the people you meet’ is based on something I read by Mother Teresa that has stayed with me. Every time I look at this website or say those words LOVE THE PEOPLE YOU MEET, I try to remind myself that I can find love in everything I do and in everyone I meet. After all there is no point doing humanitarian aid work if you don’t love people equally and consistently.

Love the people you meet has become almost like a conscience. So I might be standing in a long queue talking to a customer service person I am not caring for and at times I think “oh is that how a person with a website called ‘love the people you meet’ is gonna act?”

Inspirational videos and posts

Sharing some videos, photos and posts from other sites where I find the inspiration to be more loving and more kind.

  • jerry swims in the rain Living in Typhoon Season (12/17/2017) - There is a hard reality to living in a developing country during Typhoon Season. Spare a thought for the families living in bamboo houses, tarpaulin huts and fishing boats who'll lose their Christmas livelihood tonight.
  • little boy using a microphone Replay: World Literacy Day Livestream (9/10/2017) - If you missed the livestream of our World Literacy Day celebrations you can watch the replay here. Children’s author and poet, Dr June Perkins joined us live via Skype and the children of Botongon sang and performed too. Please note this was my first experience livestreaming and quite a bit of the footage seems to […]
  • Rehearsals Started for Literacy Day Celebrations (9/4/2017) - Rehearsals for our World Literacy Day celebrations started today and as promised here are the details to watching  live on Friday. Today we went back over some materials we learned last year and I also began teaching the kids a little welcome song I wrote in both their native language Hiligaynon and the national language Tagalog. […]
  • Forty-one Kids (10/22/2016) - I had to send the kids home today. The cable that connects my tablet to the amp is busted and I couldn’t play music or amplify the TV so forty-one kids could hear the movie over the sounds of the Philippine outdoors. I divided them into groups and invited them back on certain days by their […]
  • viva la altrusitic revolution (10/5/2016) - Matthieu Ricard talks about how to foster an altruistic motivation rather than a selfish one and then apply that to global issues including economics and the environment.
  • reaching for Altruism (9/28/2016) - A wonderful TED Talk by Abigail Marsh who confirms that around our globe people are becoming less and less accepting of suffering, that compassion and genuine concern for other people is expanding and that genuine altruism is something that is within reach for almost everyone.