Writing poetry is one of my great loves. I am continually experimenting and expanding my poems by using multimedia by including images, video and audio.

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  • Just Sand (12/24/2016) - Here I am ‘home’. And my passport, driver’s licence and cards all agree. And so I wander the lonely beaches here every day looking for new poems and pictures to discover, and hide from everything like Christmas or old friends or the fact that my heart is breaking because you are my home now and […]
  • Wretched Heritage (5/20/2017) - i am living a tradition my eyes pieces of tin, metal scraps for hands feet (torn nails) just look at my toes! but don’t get too close you don’t want to see all i’ve got © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage
  • gasoline in pepsi bottles Don’t Drink the Pink (8/17/2017) - In the Philippines don’t drink the pink pepsi You might find her a little too spicy … © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Spicy I’m part of Post A Day 2017
  • Heard (2/9/2017) - through the sounds of dogs banana leaves sway roof tips men haul up fish nets © 2017 Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Heard
  • Shine (1/10/2017) - your end of day flight blackened by the sun’s late shine living passed to less © 2017 Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Shine
  • Trying for Fishing (12/18/2016) - He’s trying for fishing in cloudy and windy He’s trying for fishing and blown him away, He’s trying for baiting and winding and winding He’s trying or fishing or flying away. © Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Fishing
  • Wandering and Waiting (7/22/2016) - post happy hour nostalgia. wandering a twilight pathway. remembering my australianness. wondering and waiting to fly. © 2016 Melinda Irvine
  • Unmoored (5/22/2017) - adrift in the wash bucket he climbed my arm unmoored © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Adrift and Unmoored
  • Vanish (12/7/2016) - I can vanish the moon. Oh, it’s so easy to delete moons, sand spinifex grass and old memories. Keeping stuff is much harder. © Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Vanish
  • Bad Me (3/3/2016) - bad me’ i heard his little voice say ‘bad me’ small head turned into the pillow ‘bad me’ i had scolded him for breaking a yellow colouring pencil he stomped it into two pieces discarded for garbage i found it in the dirt covered by grass nga (why)? i had asked him in the tricycle […]
  • Exposed (5/8/2017) - children rock mid-summer playtime © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Exposed
  • close up of some weeds in front a tall tree The Rains Are Still (9/29/2017) - the rains are still and the flowers quiet stepping over mid-spring holly and a few eager blooms willing to risk the sun without water my feet crunch a tiny piece of the earth planet focused (old mountain patch) full of weeds and dead and drying drying trees. © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Focused and […]
  • BBQ sea snake sticks Sea Snake Snack (7/2/2017) - curious me I kinda wish I’d eaten one mmm kind of © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Snack Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient I’m part of Post A Day 2017
  • dead grasses and leafy dunelands Like Many People (10/11/2017) - Do you (like many people) look for future in the clouds? Do you (like many people) find your future in the sun? Do you (like many people) think your future’s ‘mine’ not ‘ours’? Do you (like many people) think our future is as one? Have you (like many people) found your future in the past? […]
  • February Winds (2/13/2017) - mountains cannot hear singing children scattered south February winds © 2017 Melinda Irvine
  • Food and education (5/25/2015) - I am humbled by a place where ‘happy’ is food and education education and something to eat for each child 4 sons 3 daughters © 2015 Melinda Irvine
  • i blinked by Melinda J. Irvine I Blinked (1/21/2018) - while your eyes were closed i died blink k blink nk blink ink blink link blink blink blink blink © 2018 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Blink I’m part of Post A Day 2018 Location: Estancia, Iloilo (Philipppines)
  • little mountain stream in black and white The Colour of Water (9/28/2017) - children’s voices loop just over the wet bracken rushing mountain stream © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine This is my response to the Blogging University course Writing: Intro to Poetry (Day 1 Water) I’m part of Post A Day 2017 Location: Leura Cascades (Blue Mountains National Park)
  • black and white of a group of boys carrying a coffin No Tears For the Young (8/7/2017) - we watched him lain final life barely begun just 20 years old his song yet unsung and I wondered where God was to tell what he’d done but the silence it stationed no tears for the young and she called and she called “I see you my son …” and I wondered where God was […]
  • seaweed on the sand Beach Pedestrian (10/12/2017) - washed beyond her kin brown, no longer wet seaweed beach pedestrian © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian I’m part of Post A Day 2017 Location: Nambucca Heads (Australia)
  • A Birthday Begins (1/30/2017) - Jerry’s birthday starts with a big yellow sun: then spaghetti, cake, friends. © 2017 Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Yellow PS: And even though his favourite colour is red, I loved how he chose his yellow birthday cake (because it had red flowers).  Ahhhh I do recall Bilbo Baggins being extremely fond of flowers: my heart […]
  • Painting by Numbers (3/11/2015) - I’m painting by numbers I’m walking the line A line that’s not broken Or blurry Or fine I’m painting by numbers I’m playing the game I’m learning the rules I’m being the same I’m buttoning my blouses I’m lowering my hem I’m stitching quite neatly In a pattern Like them I’m painting by numbers It’s […]
  • orange sunset Burnt Sunset (11/7/2017) - burning orange sky poverty reduced to a silhouette the panacea of dusk © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Panacea I’m part of Post A Day 2017 Location: Estancia, Iloilo (Philipppines)
  • a picture from Fairyland I Am Ready to Fly (4/5/2016) - i am ready to fly and the wind is with me … © 2016 Melinda Irvine The lovely painting was inside an old book called ‘Fairyland’ by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. I found in the shearing shed at my grandmother’s farm when it was cleaned up for sale in 2014. The book was badly damaged and […]
  • stamen of a red hibiscus flower Dividing Lines (6/11/2017) - heavy concrete wall dissects mine from neighbour’s mine except a red hibiscus © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Farce I’m part of Post A Day 2017
  • two little boys in a laundry tub Baby Brothers (8/8/2017) - baby takes a a bath laundry tub filled with brothers one partner hiding © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Partner I’m part of Post A Day 2017
  • Over the Corn (8/30/2016) - freshened sun shimmers the not-quite harvest season gold and greens alight © 2016 Melinda Irvine
  • Time (7/1/2016) - time passes slowly before me each particle every fragment finding its own place finding its own time floating alone not lonely © 2016 Melinda Irvine
  • He Needs No Friends (2/2/2017) - Arrived unwilling, he rusted (hammered in tight). Forgetting what for. © 2017 Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Resist
  • Dragon Fruit Cactus (1/5/2017) - She flowered tonight. Only one night each year her male and female merge. © 2017 Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Crossing
  • River and mangroves River and Light (7/16/2016) - last afternoon light mirrors her river — sudden bird songs to quiet © 2016 Melinda Irvine This poem appears in Paperbark Wetlands, an eBook filled with multi-media poetry.
  • the fading sunset Public Transport (1/29/2018) - .. stancia ma’am … Estancia . .. ma’ … we both fit inside cooling pizza pressed to knees my head cracks the thin metal roof and the rider (his knees pointing upward) sweep the metal handles connected to the brakes he makes room for two more (side saddled and awkward) gripping plastic bags filled with […]
  • Hands (2/26/2017) - shadowing me, hands speaking me, take a green line standing me, black sun © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow
  • A Hard Days Work (12/4/2016) - A hard days work done. Little construction worker’s imagination. © 2016 Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Construct
  • Black Rock Swamp (3/12/2015) - dirty old swamp transformed to a mirror i ran little in you once long before the rain came dark green river grass flower filled stamens and tangled paperbarks. now sunset fragments sparkling stagnant water decaying long rotting log lumpy water i found my bridge and reached it will you? © 2015 Melinda Irvine
  • Real Market (10/31/2017) - weaved by hands hanging, basket & bauble beautiful © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Fluff Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded I’m part of Post A Day 2017 Location: Iloilo City (Philipppines)
  • Wheel of Brisbane (4/3/2015) - spins my head around (like sparkling wine at the bar far below). slow. slow. © 2015 Melinda Irvine
  • the next door neighbour's dog Things Get Messy (3/5/2018) - no sleep tonight the neighbours dogs © 2018 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Messy I’m part of Post A Day 2018 Location: Estancia, Iloilo (Philipppines)