Writing poetry is one of my great loves. I am continually experimenting and expanding my poems by using multimedia by including images, video and audio.

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  • Ignoring Safety Advice (10/4/2016) - in the beginning i remember thinking … i will never ever board one of those dodgy carnival rides circling fiestas their steel support posts levelled out on rocks and pieces of concrete rubble. but yeh, i did. and yeh, i do. you change your perspective ignoring safety advice you allow yourself to become, to be part […]
  • Banana Blossom (5/24/2017) - ripened bract unfolds her music, line and textures dance inflorescence © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Impression
  • little rock cairn The Garden in Wet Season (6/27/2018) - mud blotchy shadows cover days old rain
  • wet leaves and closed flower buds Wet (8/20/2017) - open to the wind her loud (faster) rushed and wild catch a single drop © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Solitary and Unfurl I’m part of Post A Day 2017
  • seaweed on the sand Beach Pedestrian (10/12/2017) - washed beyond her kin brown, no longer wet seaweed beach pedestrian © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian I’m part of Post A Day 2017 Location: Nambucca Heads (Australia)
  • A 5 Bar Day? (8/23/2016) - still dreaming of that five bar day (all day) TODAY? replay, each day. yay. © 2016 Melinda Irvine
  • little boy looking down a hill Left Behind (9/10/2018) - Just because I’m small shouldn’t mean I cannot come I’m small, but very big and I want to have some fun If you’d just wait and help me Down this hill then I’d be right I only need your hand a minute It won’t take all the night Then once I’m down this hill I […]
  • Somebody Clean that Fan (1/27/2017) - inside simple space we find creative moments family type stuff © 2017 Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Simple
  • Maddening (12/17/2016) - Streaked along the shore for the last three tides, tiny stingers stealing peace. © Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Maddening
  • mural of family in a fishing boat All Stretched Out (6/26/2018) - inspired art by oceans all stretched out our human community © 2018 Melinda J. Irvine Location: Mandurriao, Iloilo City (Philipppines) This lovely mural is at the Atria in Iloilo City. #sustainable #ourfutureoceans
  • Feeling Home (8/30/2016) - home is a doorway to any place (not the place) that calls you inside © 2016 Melinda Irvine
  • Celebrating a life (8/30/2014) - Sometimes music takes you into the bush and it is these times you remember who you truly are are. I’m here in Inverell for the next few months celebrating the life of my Uncle Lincoln who passed away on the 23 August. My Uncle Lincoln represented everything it meant to be creative, eccentric and true to […]
  • Lichen (8/5/2016) - bold lichen grows. no matter how many ways i look at you, i still don’t know what colour you are. orange, red yellow. who are you? © 2016 Melinda Irvine Pondering the photos from my trip home to Australia last month.
  • One Sunset (1/14/2017) - She warms us, lights us. Of more is she capable, our centre, our sun. © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Capable
  • black and white of a group of boys carrying a coffin No Tears For the Young (8/7/2017) - we watched him lain final life barely begun just 20 years old his song yet unsung and I wondered where God was to tell what he’d done but the silence it stationed no tears for the young and she called and she called “I see you my son …” and I wondered where God was […]
  • Spanish Sangria (8/11/2016) - sangria really kicked in and i mean kicked one glass and i am what rhymes with just found the error that has eluded me for months and months and months and more than one year in my favourite poem not angry now glasses are good yes very good not resting figuratively till the staff are astonished […]
  • Botanical gardens sprinkler (3/2/2015) - you 3am stalker thrusting your jets upon my wide open windows GO TO SLEEP! © 2015 Mel Irvine
  • Exposed (5/8/2017) - children rock mid-summer playtime © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Exposed
  • The Sky Today (12/19/2016) - Moody shades of gloom, out of focus and unclear. Yep, missing the point. © 2016 Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Moody
  • hibiscus stamen Brassy (6/5/2017) - upright all the day sun-burned pink and pale, orange hibiscus flower © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Brassy I’m part of Post A Day 2017
  • Someday (1/13/2017) - We will watch the sunset painting names in bright colours (like a family). © 2017 Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Someday
  • Stinger (8/17/2017) - running across concrete, catching stinger (the 2pm sun) glaring (that bus driver) driving driving another 5 afternooned hours © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Glaring I’m part of Post A Day 2017
  • Fiesta at the Plaza Molo (8/3/2015) - fiesta Molo’s finished the rides are stacked away children’s laughter silent dirt and mud are all remains. did they make a little ‘kwarta’? tomorrow, holds the promise of escape and though they’ll wake up somewhere different their lives are still the same. © 2015 Melinda Irvine
  • Big (9/9/2016) - i don’t need your help to eat my food i use a fork (i’m far too big for a spoon) © 2106 Melinda Irvine
  • A study in blue (8/6/2016) - blue is the colour of oceans of boats, both broken and new it’s the colour of sky in the daylight and also gives twilight its hue. blue brings relief from the heat colouring the afternoon rain pouring sweet blue on my shoulders and a day filled with colours again. © 2016 Melinda Irvine
  • Shine (1/10/2017) - your end of day flight blackened by the sun’s late shine living passed to less © 2017 Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Shine
  • Wandering and Waiting (7/22/2016) - post happy hour nostalgia. wandering a twilight pathway. remembering my australianness. wondering and waiting to fly. © 2016 Melinda Irvine
  • Home For Winter (6/30/2016) - the sun is warming my tropical island feet back home for winter © 2016 Melinda Irvine  
  • street art mural of a homeless girl Philippines The Outdoors Life (7/11/2017) - Do you have the grit for the outdoors life? A life where you’ll sleep not alone (but alone). Where everyone sees, but no one sees you. Where everyone knows you, but nobody knows. © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Grit I’m part of Post A Day 2017
  • Out the Window of the Bus (9/24/2016) - is our saturday morning. Our funny little family strengthens. © 2016 mel irvine
  • a picture from Fairyland I Am Ready to Fly (4/5/2016) - i am ready to fly and the wind is with me … © 2016 Melinda Irvine The lovely painting was inside an old book called ‘Fairyland’ by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. I found in the shearing shed at my grandmother’s farm when it was cleaned up for sale in 2014. The book was badly damaged and […]
  • collecting water by Melinda J. Irvine More than a Moment (8/21/2017) - though he smiles for me the hand on the water pump stuck, in his eternity © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Jiffy and Trance I’m part of Post A Day 2017
  • I Went Looking for Piglets: a One Versed Mystery (11/2/2016) - © 2016 Melinda Irvine My contribution to the Blogging-U course Photography: Developing Your Eye II (Day 2 Mystery).
  • pandanus leaves Old World Tropics (5/7/2018) - bare feet uncover a new island old world pandanus © 2018 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Observe I’m part of Post A Day 2018 Location:Guimaras Island, Iloilo (Philipppines)
  • 10 Little Soldiers (1/26/2017) - ten little soldiers standing on the ground holding up their weapons feeling very proud ten little soldiers fighting for their state fighting for their brothers fighting for their mates ten little soldiers lying brother against brother different coloured states who will tell their mothers? © 2017 Melinda Irvine Daily Post: Ten
  • shadows on a wall or fake news Shadows on a Wall OR Fake News (9/19/2018) - like a shadow cast on wall sometimes you have to step back and remove your sunglasses or step forward and adjust your eyes to see what’s real and what is not © 2018 Melinda J. Irvine
  • cutout fashionists Fashionistas (11/10/2018) - torn by the staples the haughty magazine fashionistas My Uncle Richard created these incredibly beautiful, yet haunting portraits by tearing and collaging pieces of glossy magazines. I found them leaning against a window pane in his house.
  • North-west of Goondiwindi (11/26/2016) - I’m about 97 miles north-west of Goondiwindi I’ve got a road-train indicating: time to move along and as I pass him on his right I dip my headlights into the night and the voice in my head it’s playin’ a north-bound song I went down south, to see my mother’s brother laid into the dirt […]