Writing poetry is one of my great loves. I am continually experimenting and expanding my poems by using multimedia by including images, video and audio.

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  • Little Wizard (5/20/2017) - you replay crouching behind a tricycle and surprising me with your collected “love potion” swirling leaves and flowers and petals “you will fall in love tita mel!” you shouted showering me in your wish. then once more for you. © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine
  • Maddening (12/17/2016) - Streaked along the shore for the last three tides, tiny stingers stealing peace. © Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Maddening
  • Jerry reaching for fruit on the tree Endless Energy (6/22/2017) - Jerry my little loop-de-loop from sun to gone, it sleeps but it never stops © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Loop I’m part of Post A Day 2017
  • Where I Once Stood (6/23/2016) - where i once stood still a memory (bright shells) held in my little hand © 2016 Mel Irvine
  • November Reign (11/17/2016) - Sometimes it takes paints and hands to help us see. Our streets are always art. © 2016 Melinda Irvine This post is also my contribution to the Blogging-U course Photography: Developing Your Eye II (Day 9 Double).
  • Thinking of home (11/24/2015) - clearing photographs I am pulled homeward hearing Australian beach sounds © 2015 Melinda Irvine
  • Finding Myself Again (3/14/2016) - allowing high-tide to wash over my body following dragonflies with sky-turned eyes eating on the sand together balancing on a bamboo outrigger calling two little boys to lunch searching for fresh tree seeds and leaves shaking sand from my swimmer pants watching young island girls dance traditional dances scolding kids for trampling sand all over […]
  • Over the Back Fence (7/5/2016) - over the back fence winter sun is diminishing into late afternoon golds and dark shady browns. kids cheer a backyard cricket score as i crawl through barbed wiry boundaries into someone’s horse paddock. ‘i don’t know how friendly that horse is’ calls my brother above the end of day birds while a scruffy little horse […]
  • Showing Off Her Nails (2/14/2017) - manicured sky blue dainty arms and sleeves to match but will she float boys? © 2017 Melinda Irvine
  • Not Tonight Dear (1/7/2017) - Lady gone to sea (her mimsy flanks all about). She won’t float tonight. © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Float
  • Click here to permanently delete your account (11/12/2015) - Feeling strangely like cyanide The killing of my digital self I am afraid So bold hours ago I made lists So I would do it properly Not miss a thing Kill everything Insecticide myself Yet here I am I am still here Here and here Both of us Still here Corporeal Digitised Is it murder? […]
  • Lemon Tree Flats (3/28/2015) - driving to the lemon tree flats i am a passenger for the first time in months (maybe longer) laughing more than my body can remember i sit in back while we stop for lizards lizards with beards and long tails (tails longer than our stories) sit inside shared binoculars. gravel dust already dry road covers […]
  • It’s Only Me (12/20/2016) - Old red dog relax, though your eyes may not see, your ears still find your name. © 2016 Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Relax
  • New Horizon (12/11/2016) - “I will come back here, new horizons, wildflowers and rest call me.” As I promise to my cousin I do wonder though … … will I come back here? © 2016 Melinda Irvine Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon
  • River and Light (7/16/2016) - last afternoon light mirrors her river’s sudden bird songs to quiet © 2016 Melinda Irvine
  • Jerry comes home (11/28/2015) - I promised myself not to leave him; to believe I’d find him again © 2015 Melinda Irvine Click here to learn more about helping me adopt Jerry.
  • small pink flowers Celadon (6/13/2017) - grey, green celadon forest of tiny leaf fronds taper pink entrails © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Taper I’m part of Post A Day 2017
  • Beside the Fancy Shopping Mall (5/13/2017) - twisting bamboo maze rickety walkway stumbles sodden, someone’s house © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Maze
  • the public market (6/1/2016) - hanging resting smoking standing waiting © 2016 Melinda Irvine
  • After the funeral (9/4/2014) - the headlights arrive at night our fire brings them in strangely we answer their questions we still don’t know who they are death endorses questions “what is THAT?” they ask the fire roars in triumph all you can hear is fire lights back on and leave and in the morning ash as grey as answers […]
  • Wheel of Brisbane (4/3/2015) - spins my head around (like sparkling wine at the bar far below). slow. slow. © 2015 Melinda Irvine
  • The words I write hurt (4/29/2014) - sometimes the words i write on the page hurt too much and i cannot look at them then my hand cannot make a shape and i can’t feel anything at all have i written too much? will it just add increase to their pain; to their suffering but how can you write too much about this? sometimes […]
  • Shine (10/24/2016) - the #shine on the floor pulls me away from the down and up into light … © 2016 Melinda Irvine © 2016 melinda irvine
  • Truth (9/12/2015) - Speak to me of your truth without words letting your lips pass into silence; show me only in action letting deeds reveal the heart inside of you; speak not today letting the truth be in your quiet. Allowing the sounds of tomorrow when the noise of vainglorious promise is fade; only then let me hear […]
  • Rice On the Road (8/30/2016) - We walk along wet roadside picturing the new sunlight on rice farms, fathers and hardwork. Barefeet turn drying rice as trucks beep confused alarm at the white woman and small brown boy out in unsheltered heat. Flood water rushes through our pictures, seeing all green and green and green until three heads stand staring (like the […]
  • hand drawn strange fictitious flowers Fiction Flowers (6/18/2017) - this scribbled blossom I must have dreamed of triffids in a dusty book © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Blossom and Create I’m part of Post A Day 2017
  • Morning Begins (4/10/2017) - blue morning begins looking for tiny bird sounds windless palm fronds sway © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine
  • Like Water (8/24/2016) - flung down like water find your timeless fall and flow running, never still © 2016 Melinda Irvine
  • Obedient Uncles (4/14/2015) - two young brothers held 1950’s camera excited tyre tube © 2015 Melinda Irvine
  • I am Awakened (1/28/2017) - unfollow my lies unfriend my indifference unfilter my eyes © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Filter
  • Ocean Mosaic (1/16/2017) - Ocean’s bright lighting each swell and surge captured, art. Blue and exquisite. © 2017 Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Exquisite
  • Night Sounds, a poem by Melinda J. Irvine After Dark (5/16/2017) - night sounds dogs, Dogs, DOGS fiesta’s steady THUMP Thump thump © 2017 Melinda J. Irvine
  • Renewal (12/30/2016) - as a tree grows old nature finds her own sublime ornamentation © 2016 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Prompt: Renewal
  • Maya (12/9/2016) - My aunt 40 years gone: abandoned, excluded for birthing treasure. © 2016 Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Treasure
  • All Life (8/26/2016) - all life runs deeply hidden from eyesight (the truth) all us connected. © 2016 Melinda Irvine
  • Curtains of the Old House (12/12/2016) - Curtains take many forms. Mystical screens weave twelve decades of secrets. © Melinda Irvine Daily Prompt: Mystical
  • The Fishing Port at Night (12/19/2015) - not me! you said the port, all the fishing port tonight. the twilight in your favourite place not me! you said. last light on the fishing port how could we know? that night, was the last night light to shine on us the blue of our twilight © 2015 Melinda Irvine
  • Food and education (5/25/2015) - I am humbled by a place where ‘happy’ is food and education education and something to eat for each child 4 sons 3 daughters © 2015 Melinda Irvine