Published Works

A list of literary journals where my poems have been published.

Poetica: 2017

poetica-amazon-cover_origPOETICA is the debut poetry collection by the Instagram global platform, By Me Poetry. This exquisite and thought provoking book features poems, microtales, interviews and prose from 200 of the most talented, popular and exciting new voices on Instagram today. The poets included in this first volume are: Sarah Doughty, L.E. Bowman, Daren Colbert, Caroline White, Chris Peterson, Lindsay O’Connell, C.Churchill, M.Firechild, Emily Byrnes and many more

By Me Poetry was established in October 2016 by Editor in Chief, Susan Llewelyn on Instagram @bymepoetry and is based in Melbourne, Australia. By Me Poetry is now a global poetry community with 25 volunteers, across five continents that serves to feature, support and promote new and established voices from around the world.

My poem Muse was published in  Poetica: 2017 (Volume 1), check it out on Amazon.

50 Haikus

50 Haikus is a literary journal featuring only Haiku poetry in open form. Each issue contains exactly 50 Haiku poems by established and emerging poets.

Although it is common to find constrained forms of Haiku, counting morae and marking the kigo etc., 50 Haikus looks only to the content of the poem: short lines with meaning. Poems should say a great deal in what amounts to a handful of words.

Featuring fine selections of haiku by Kate Alsbury, Sandra Barnett, Kylie Benavides, Connor Bjotvedt, Ingrid Bruck, Erin Castaldi, Anna Cates, Eve Chilicas, Donald Clermont, Stephanie De Haven, Steven Duncan, Michael Flanagan, Susan Gentry, LFJ Gill, Shasta Hatter, Bob Howe, Melinda Irvine, Erin Jones, Lianne Kamp, Rebecca Kane, Craig Kittner, Joseph Kleponis, Joseph J Kozma, Adam Leckrone, Bruce Levine, Thomas Locicero, Martha Magenta, Beth Mathison, Jackie Maugh Robinson, Eliah Medina, Bill Melton, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, BanWynn Oakshadow, Rachel Pond, Linda Sacco, David Anthony Sam, Clarise Samuels, Angela Sargent, Ron Scully, JR Vork, Sandra Wells, Rebecca Wener, and Dawn Wing.

Each edition of the journal is both printed and available online. My poem Storm was published in Volume 1, Issue 11 released on 28 May 2017 by Prolific Press.