Melinda has been a huge inspiration to me over the years. Originally helping me with building my business using email marketing & social media and, more recently, with the amazing work she’s doing in the Phillipines. Melinda is totally committed to the local people there and selflessly gives whatever she can. She has been involved […]

Julie Heskins

Melinda has helped rewrite my resume, review all my social media accounts and prepare for job applications. She has also given me one-on-one coaching for job interviews helping me with what to wear and how to present myself. I felt so confident preparing and submitting my video application today. Thank you.

Sarah Barber

Mel created Notch Above’s very first website: registering the domain, managing the web hosting and writing all the web copy. The result was an excellent website I was proud to have for my business. The website ranked high on google for the industry.

Jac Gallagher