Video Interviews with Mel Irvine

A big thanks to Andy Mack and Brett Charles for shooting these videos before my second trip to Estancia (Philippines). Andy had talked me into reflecting on my first trip, creating this website and doing the videos as a fundraiser.

Discussing the challenges faced by the Malbog Hospital in Estancia, Philippines. The hospital not only suffered during Typhoon Yolanda, but has no permanent water supply and relies on weekly shipments that are somehow paid out of an already insufficient budget. Can you help?

Arriving at the Malbog Hospital unexpectedly and then playing guitar for the patients was one of the most beautiful experiences during my first visit to the Philippines disaster area after Typhoon Yolanda.

Tent City
Spending time in the emergency evacuation centre following (Tent City) Typhoon Yolanda was equally rewarding and heartbreaking.

Watching helplessly as a family of nine (9) loses everything in a fire in the middle of the tent city broke my heart. These people are so amazing they face hardship with such courage, especially the children.