Work Methods

My mission is to write the copy that sells your products and services online.

Take advantage of my systemised approach to working with clients and my efficient work methods. I’m a professional writer and aim to create a great working relationship with all my writing clients.

  1. We begin with a Project Agreement which includes a Statement of Work and (if requested) a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Pay the agreed deposit (usually 50%) and we are ready to start. If you prefer we can work through Upwork using their secure payments and contracting system.
  2. I gather as much information as I can about your business, the products and services that you sell; as well as your industry. I’ll send you a ‘Request for More Information’ form which has four detailed lists of ideas on what type of information to send me. This information helps me write the best copy to sell your products and services online. I also conduct my own independent research, sourcing and reading credible reports and blogs, plus the websites of your competitors.
  3. SEO is an essential part of writing online copy so I like to be clear when we start about the keywords which will best represent you to search engines. We’ll agree on some keywords now.
  4. Next, I create a dedicated client file in a professional writing package called Scrivener. Scrivener enables me to keep everything I write for you, plus all my research, keywords, resources (reports, logos, infographics, website URLs), time sheets and billing information in one place. I always aim to create a lasting working relationship with my clients and the longer we work together, the better I get to know you. Having a dedicated client file in one place means I don’t waste time searching for lost or delated emails and can revise your work quickly and effortlessly.
  5. Now I start writing. Sometimes I need to get up wander around, take a walk, visit the market, play guitar to trigger ideas and tap into the all that information and research.
  6. If I’m writing you a series of blog posts or the copy for an entire website I’ll always send the first page for you to review before I go ahead and write the remaining copy. This review is about style and tone: making sure I’ve captured the essence of your authentic voice.
  7. From here I’ll write the remaining copy sending it to you for review.
  8. Now it’s your turn. Read all the text I’ve written recording anything you would like me to review or change. If you notice a typo you can tell me about that too. We’ll often review keywords here and talk about how the copy contributes to your overall SEO.
  9. I then revise the copy making any changes you need until you are completely satisfied with what I have written. I always strive for accurate, error free copy but remember ultimately you are responsible for final checking of all copy, design and production elements.
  10. Writing is very subjective, and sometimes you may not agree with the way I present your business or a blog topic.  I’m very strategic and write with the best long term result for your business in mind. If I’m concerned that a change you suggest will be detrimental I’ll always point it out and nicely explain why. But ultimately it’s your business and I’ll always make sure the copy is exactly how you want it.
  11. Once the job is finished I’ll send the invoice for the final balance and appreciate your prompt payment. I also provide a quick Client Satisfaction Survey for you to complete to make sure I’m getting it right. Survey responses is how I adapt and continually improve my work methods.
  12. Finally, keep in touch. I absolutely love my when clients keep me updated on the success of the their websites, online sales and email campaigns. That’s the basis of a great a longterm working relationship.

These work methods are guide only, as each job varies. I adapt my work methods for each client and their unique needs.

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