Portfolio and Work Samples

Listed below are recent examples of my writing on client websites as well as my own.

screen shot of a guest post written by Melinda J. Irvine on the Small Business Bonfire website

How to Avoid Distractions and Interruptions in Your Home Office

Sharing what I have learned about working productively in a home office, mainly minimising interruptions  to help keep you focused on your project, your clients and your bottom line.

Date: 24 June 2017
Website: http://smallbusinessbonfire.com
Audience: The Small Business Bonfire is a small business blog and online community for entrepreneurs that provides small business help in the form of business tools, advice and free resources.

How the Morning Pages Shape My Creativity

10 inspiring quotes from Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” to help you on your spiritual path to higher creativity.

Date: 22 May 2017
Website: http://www.pocketfulofsmiles.com
Audience: Pocketful of Smiles shares simple reminders of peace, happiness and positivity that readers can relate to and apply to their daily lives to improve their overall well-being.

How a Bookkeeper Counteracts the 3 Common Stresses of Small Business Owners

How a Bookkeeper Counteracts the 3 Common Stresses of Small Business Owners

Being a small business owner is stressful. Reports, surveys and studies of small business owners around the world claim running a small business is their # 1 cause of stress.

Date: 3 April 2017
Website: http://notchabove.com.au
Audience: Small Business owners and managers

My story volunteering and living in the Philippines

Sharing my story of how “voluntourism” turned into a meaningful and lasting experience with the women and children of the Western Visayas, Philippines.

Date: 24 March 2017
Website: http://www.ladyqs.com/
Audience: Women’s Q&A Website

Should I work for free?

When you’re young and don’t have a lot of work experience you might be tempted to do unpaid work to prove you can do the job.

Date: 12 January 2017
Website: www.NewJobMe.com
Audience: Students and New Workers aged between 15-23.

Creative recovery: human responses to calamity?

In the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi, Dr June Perkins used her creative projects to support the recovery of the community, developing  further skills in community journalism, exhibiting, song writing and film..

Date: 3 February 2015
Website: www.melirvine.com.au
Audience: Followers of author June Perkins, residents of the Cassowary Coast in FNQ who were affected by Cyclone Yasi as well as the wider literary community interested in real life examples of creativity being use to recover from a calamity.