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Melinda J. Irvine is an Australian professional writer and business blogger writing for corporate clients, small business, and real people all over the world.

Need something written? Mel has the words you need to shine your business out of the search pile and quickly tell a first-time reader who you are — and everything that’s awesome about what you do.

Whether it’s a set of operating procedures for your workers, or a landing page to launch a new product, Mel is 100% focused on focused on writing that actually delivers results. Things like:

  • Web content that is indexed and well-ranked by Google, Bing, and other search engines.
  • Blog posts that are read, liked and shared by a wide audience.
  • Product descriptions that generate real sales.
  • FAQs that reduce help desk complaints.

Mission Statement of Melinda J. Irvine Writing Services

Mission Statement

The reason behind everything I do — my purpose, my focus, and my underpinning goal.

Write exceptional copy that delivers real sales, real rankings, and real action for SmallBiz operators, entrepreneurs, and business professionals everywhere.

Company values of Melinda J. Irvine Writing Services

Core Values

The foundation of my writing business — the principles that guide me, and the values I live by.

  • Excellence — writing exceptional copy that delivers real sales (and actual results) for my clients.
  • Research — carrying out proper research from primary sources and industry experts.
  • Service — delivering the required copy on-time, every time.
  • Integrity — writing original copy that faithfully represents the products, people, and processes I’m describing.
  • Value — charging affordable rates that sustain an abundant life for my family.
  • Relationships — building lasting relationships with nice people.
  • Time — being available to my clients without compromising the wellbeing of my family.
  • Impact — sharing my time and resources with disadvantaged kids, and creating free online resources that develop English literacy and business skills.
  • Compliance — operating my writing business in accordance with Australian business laws, and to international quality standards.

Company vision statement of Melinda J. Irvine

Vision Statement

A vision of the future that moves me forward (and keeps me writing better copy) every day.

Operating an abundant and sustainable writing business that: employs talented and inventive writers, serves ethical and innovative people, and contributes to the global community by providing free business training for disadvantaged and marginalised kids.

The Backstory

In January 2014 I quit my job, sacked my clients, shut down my HR, Marketing and Consulting business, and spent every cent I had volunteering in the Philippines after Typhoon Yolanda. I returned home to Australia 2 months later obsessed, changed, uplifted, and depressed all at the same time.

Mel Irvine with the kids of Estancia, Philippines 2014.
Mel spent 3 years playing guitar, teaching English in song, and running out-of-school programs for the kids of Estancia.

I sold my stuff, played music in the streets (you may call this busking), and received donations from family, friends, and people I had never met. I used all the money to create my own  humanitarian projects helping the children I had met and their families.

Somehow I did three trips to the Philippines in 2014 — what a year!

Having shed all but a few material possessions (and my business too), I had planned to travel from country to country exploring my creativity, playing music in the street, and writing stories of the people and places. But a fatal car accident, followed quickly by the suicide of one of the children I had been helping, shut me down. Overwhelmed by grief I found myself unable to write, or play music at all. I went into hiding.

Australian copywriter Melinda J. Irvine with the kids of Estancia
Mel dancing with the kids of Estancia, Philippines in early 2014 during the recovery after Typhoon Yolanda.

Finding Jerry (and my way back)

Then a little Ilonggo boy (only seven years old) came into my life and changed everything. He didn’t even own a pair of thongs (flip/flops), his mother was dead and his father semi-paralysed from a stroke. Their house — all their things including his dog and 8 new born puppies — had been totally washed away in Typhoon Yolanda. He asked me (someone who had never EVER had children) to stay with me and live at the house. At first I said no!

Somehow, I found myself in my mid-forties a mum for the first time. He couldn’t speak English and I could barely say hello in his mother tongue Hiligaynon (Ilonggo). It has been a challenge learning to be a parent, but along the way found release and fulfilment by writing songs, poems, and blogging my struggles. And somehow — at last — real joy in returning to my work as a professional writer.

In early 2017 I re-opened my freelance writing and consulting business, and now live between the Philippines and Australia — serving clients from all over the world

This website and blog is a story. It is my love of self-expression through music, art, and poetry — recording my travels and dual lives between Australia and the Philippines. It is the place to engage the services of  a professional writer and business blogger. It is a collection of inspiring stories of love and kindness (from the people I meet, and the places I see). But most of all, it is a narrative of a little boy who has changed my heart forever.

Click on the following links to learn more about Jerry,  how to work with me on your next writing job, or how you can help disadvantaged kids go to school.

Melinda and Jerry - 2018
Mel and Jerry (October 2018)