Journey of a Copywriter

Melinda J. Irvine is an Australian copywriter living between the Philippines and Australia. Mel writes copy for small business and corporate clients to help them reach a wider audience, sell their products and services, and present a professional image.

Leaving everything behind

In January 2014 I quit my job, sacked my clients, shut down my copywriting and consulting business and spent every cent I had volunteering in the Philippines Visayan region following Typhoon Yolanda.

I returned home to Australia obsessed, changed, uplifted and depressed all at the same time.

I sold my stuff, played music in the streets (you may call this busking) and received donations from family, friends and complete strangers. I used all the money to create my own  humanitarian projects helping impoverished children and families.

Somehow I did three trips to the Philippines in 2014; what a year!

Australian copywriter Melinda J. Irvine with the kids of Estancia
Mel dancing with the kids of Estancia in early 2014 recovering from Typhoon Yolanda.

Having shed all but a few material possessions (Yeah, I was done with marketing forever), I had planned to travel from country to country exploring my creativity, playing music in the street and writing stories of the people and places. But overwhelmed by grief at the shock of death, poverty and ignorance I found myself unable to write or play music at all. I went into hiding.

Finding Jerry and my way back

Then a little Filipino boy (only seven years old) came into my life and changed everything. He asked me (someone who had never ever had children) to stay with me and live at the house. At first I said no!

Somehow, I found myself in my mid-forties a mum for the first time. He couldn’t speak English and I could barely even say hello in his mother tongue Ilonggo. It’s been a challenging few years learning to be a parent but somewhere along the way I found fulfilment as a creative poet and songwriter, and (at last) real joy in my work as a professional copywriter, online marketing consultant, and WordPress blogger.

This website and blog is a story. It is my love of self-expression through music, art and poetry recording my travels and dual lives between Australia and the Philippines. It’s the place of a marketing consultant and professional writer. It is a collection of inspiring stories of love and kindness (the people I meet and the places I see). But most of all it is a narrative of a little boy who has changed my heart forever.

Click on the following links to learn more about Jerry,  how to hire me for your next copywriting job or how you can help disadvantaged kids go to school.

Australian Copywriter Melinda J. Irvine with Jerry
Mel and Jerry (November 2017)


    1. what a lovely surprise to find you here on my blog luke. thanks also for the lovely email too; shall endeavour to get down to see you in the coming weeks. much love. aunty mel xx

    1. thanks June so much, I will check out the full post later when I am online.

      just know that you have inspired me greatly through your own writing and creative projects to share these stories.

      mel xx

  1. Hi Mel, I saw you and heard your music while passing through Guyra on Thursday and knew by your music and your persona that you were a special person. You let me take a couple of photos of you while you played and I will forward a couple to you shortly. Having visited your website, I now know that you are a really special person. A beautiful heart in music. Hope to hear you again sometime. Take care and best wishes, Brian.

    1. Hello Brian, thanks so much for taking the time to email me. I loved playing in Guyra last Thursday and I will love to see the photos. Best wishes to you as well and a happy day. Mel xx

  2. Very nice indeed talented lady …… I love the layout and the starkness …… just right …… gee might have to get ya to revamp mine …… nice work Mel.

  3. I am Renan Gonzales from one island of carles who is trying my best to fundraise for the children. Help me in my campaign for children in the I sland. Just see my campaign at Indeigogo site. IJust search for fund for children affected by typhoon haiyan. pity on me help me on my campaign. share to many people who willing to help . Matt Kennedy is helping me here in estancia. Hope you will help. thank you so much.

    1. Hi Renan, sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet with you when I was in the Philippines. Hopefully I will get to meet you when I return later in the year. All the best with your fundraising.

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