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Talking SEO, content marketing, and small business management — plus the latest updates on my humanitarian projects in the Philippines. I’m a daily blogger and excited to share my experiences as a small business owner, professional writer, & SEO consultant.
music man 2020 Philippines

Music, Music, Music

The Music Man Program is fully underway here in Botongon, Estancia. It all seems like a blur the last few days — cancelled flights, rerouting, airport runs, transferring multiple bags and passengers to buses, and finally the 4 hour drive to Estancia.

Client Testimonials

Great client relationships are at the foundation of great business writing. Here’s a few messages from my beloved clients.

I can’t recommend Mel enough, she provided me with an excellent, A1, professional resume. She took my information and turned it into a masterpiece.

I had a traditional type resume that landed so often on the ‘Thank you for your application, unfortunately you were not successful this time’ pile. But Mel took the time to explore my strengths and investigate talents I hadn’t given much thought to previously.

She took my pre-existing information, changed the format, enhanced the text. Fine-tuned the presentation to a more reader friendly, informative product that ticked all the boxes. Within a fortnight of Mel delivering my final product I gained an interview and full-time employment.

Cheers Mel. Great job!!

Melinda is a fantastic copywriter! She has been writing blog articles and digital assets for the Rapid team for a few months now. Her work is high-quality, and she has a lot of knowledge in the health and safety space. Besides that, Melinda is always willing to learn more about the company’s products and target audience, which makes her writing very customised to our needs. She responds well to feedback and is always keen to make changes when necessary. It is a pleasure to work with Mel, and I’d recommend her services to any business.

Claudia Peixoto
Marketing Executive
Rapid Global Workforce Management Software

It was wonderful to work with you Melinda, not only was my project delivered in a fast time, with my client’s style/ interests in mind, but also my ability with computer and writing skills was taken into consideration. You walked me through with patience, humour and infinite understanding. I will definitely contact you again when it’s time for the next phase of growth of my business. Thanks, and love and blessings