Peace must first be developed within an individual. And I believe that love, compassion, and altruism are the fundamental basis for peace. H.H. The Dalai Lama.

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Our professional and personal lives are just a collection of stories. And I’m writing them down. Read on for reflections on how I’m making the everyday, my own work of art.

Music is Magic, Medicine is Expensive

Last week in Estancia was one of the best weeks I have ever experienced in my life. So many prayers answered and being around creative energy, music and friendship — just wonderful.

music man 2020 Philippines

Music, Music, Music

The Music Man Program is fully underway here in Botongon, Estancia. It all seems like a blur the last few days — cancelled flights, rerouting, airport runs, transferring multiple bags and passengers to buses, and finally the 4 hour drive to Estancia.

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