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Melinda J. Irvine is an Australian freelance writer, artist, and blogger. Living between the Philippines and her home country, Mel writes for a range of international clients, publishes eBooks and mixed media poetry, and blogs her experiences as a writing professional (and adopted mom) living at the intersection of two cultures.

This website is a personal narrative as well as a portfolio of Mel’s professional work. You can find information about her:

UPDATE: 24 May 2023. Hi friends. After three years of writer’s block, depression, and withdrawal from the world, I’m slowly upgrading my beloved website (as well as myself). I’m focusing once again on the things I love most — reiki and tai chi, haiku poetry, cats, embroidery, finding art in the everyday, storytelling, learning Ilonggo language and culture, teen parenting — and writing all about it. I’ll see you on the blog.

Latest Blogs

Making stories art. One of my great loves is finding short poems and stories in the birds, places, people, and wild things I encounter everyday. Try it yourself.

  • The One Tree

    The One Tree

    Have you ever noticed in a forest, or even a small pocket of garden, there is always one tree that stands a bit taller.

  • Evening Stretch

    Evening Stretch

    An evening stretch after 3 days of weakness and fatigue inspired this dark poem.

  • Traditional Weaving

    Traditional Weaving

    Little poem in tribute to the hablon weavers of Iloilo province, Philippines.

Little Poems

Some of my older haiku and senryu poems (circa. 2015-2018) capture my afternoon walks and travels between the Philippines and Australia.

What will come next will be determined in large measure by how we are now.

Jon Kabat-Zinn (Wherever You Go, There You Are)
mel irvine doing community work in the philippines


Supporting kids and families in Iloilo Province, Philippines with art and wellness programs.

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Wellness is a daily practice. For me it includes reiki, tai chi, art, meditation and journalling.

Writer – Blogger – Artist – Wellbeing Student