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Professional Writing Services

What do you need written? You tell me, I write it down. It really is that simple. Whether it’s a fully researched blog article to update your readers, or some slick copy that describes exactly who you are (and why you’re great at what you do) — I’ve got you covered. Check out my professional writing services below.

technical writing services of Melinda J. IrvineTechnical Writing: white papers, company policies, operating  procedures, safety manuals, risk assessments, tender submissions, employee handbooks, grants, award applications. When you need something complex explained in simple terms, you need my technical writing service.

Website content: blogs, articles, and SEO content that shines you out of the search pile and keeps your readers coming back again and again.

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Website audits: there’s 1.94 billion websites out there including yours. My web audits make sure you have cool clear content, and everything is working perfectly — especially those payment methods.

COPYWRITING SERVICE @ Melinda J. Irvine Copywriting: email auto-responders, eBooks, product descriptions, landing pages, eCommerce configurations, crowdfunding copy, press releases, product launches, PR campaigns. If you need to sell something (or yourself) online, you need my copywriting service.

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