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Talking SEO, content marketing, and small business management — plus the latest updates on my humanitarian projects in the Philippines. I’m a daily blogger and excited to share my experiences as a small business owner, professional writer, & SEO consultant.
music man 2020 Philippines

Music, Music, Music

The Music Man Program is fully underway here in Botongon, Estancia. It all seems like a blur the last few days — cancelled flights, rerouting, airport runs, transferring multiple bags and passengers to buses, and finally the 4 hour drive to Estancia.

Client Testimonials

Great client relationships are at the foundation of great business writing. Here’s a few messages from my beloved clients.

It’s my pleasure to provide a reference for Melinda J. Irvine. Mel worked with DWS Hospitality Services and CTA Training Specialist for over seven years (2007-2014) as a direct employee, and then as an independent consultant. Mel’s experience in online and digital marketing was fundamental to our company’s development into one of Australia’s largest online training platforms in the hospitality sector.

Back in 2007-08 there was limited information about the digital technology needed to develop, deploy, and maintain a Learning Management System (LMS) plus integrated eCommerce platform. But Mel was able to research, configure and develop our original platform — then maintain it for a number of years. Something that would not have been possible without her enthusiasm, drive, and ‘never take no for an answer’ attitude.

Whilst with our company Mel also fulfilled a range of roles and responsibilities using her management experience, organisational ability, and creative writing skills. Key projects included: development of an award-winning customer service program (including written training manuals), developing and writing employee handbooks, job specifications, government tenders, operational policies and procedures.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mel for any professional pursuit that can harness her enthusiasm, passion, honesty, and reliability. I would be disappointed if anyone seeking to employ or engage with Mel in any professional capacity did not contact me to give me the opportunity to further support this reference.

Melinda has been a huge inspiration to me over the years. Originally helping me with building my business using email marketing & social media and, more recently, with the amazing work she’s doing in the Phillipines.

Melinda is totally committed to the local people there and selflessly gives whatever she can. She has been involved on the ground since just after cyclone Yolanda hit in Nov 2013 and has tirelessly sought to raise money ever since even selling her own life’s possessions. Melinda is one of the most honest and kindest and people I know and I completely trust she will succeed in helping many.

Melinda is a fantastic copywriter! She has been writing blog articles and digital assets for the Rapid team for a few months now. Her work is high-quality, and she has a lot of knowledge in the health and safety space. Besides that, Melinda is always willing to learn more about the company’s products and target audience, which makes her writing very customised to our needs. She responds well to feedback and is always keen to make changes when necessary. It is a pleasure to work with Mel, and I’d recommend her services to any business.

Claudia Peixoto
Marketing Executive
Rapid Global Workforce Management Software