Pricing Schedule

Here is my pricing schedule for a full range of writing services. Small jobs need to be fully paid in advance, but larger jobs may be paid in installments.

Work Health and Safety Documents and Training Materials$85 per hour. Send through your requirements for a fixed quote.
Web Content and BlogsAUD20c per word
(minimum of 500 words or AUD$100).
Professional BioAUD$250
Resumes and CVsAUD$250
Company Profile (for web)AUD$250
(up to 1,000 words, additional copy @AUD20c per word)
Company Profile (for print)AUD$300
(up to 1,000 words, additional copy @AUD25c per word)
eBooks/White PapersAUD20c per word + $50 research fee.
(minimum 2,500 words or AUD$500)
Instructional Design (LMS)AUD$100 per hour
(can include LMS installation and configuration, module development, and student records management).
Online Training Modules (content only)AUD$85 per hour
(can include short courses or fully compliant nationally recognised training modules, assessments, and mapping documents. I specialise in the WHS, Hospitality, Business, and Local Government training packages).
I accept payments by Bank Deposit (Australian customers), Credit Card (+3% fee), and PAYPAL (+3.5% fee).

More information

For further details or to request a fixed quote for your next writing job, please use the contact form.